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Asian Doll’s Record Label Signing Sets The Stage For Her Next Big Move

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Asian Doll, known as “Asian Da Brat” and Queen of Drill, has been making waves in the music industry with her unique style. Recently, the artist announced that she will be signing to a record label, marking a significant milestone in her career.

The news of Asian Doll’s record label signing was revealed by the rapper herself on her social media accounts. In her post, she mentioned that she had been holding this secret for a long time and that she is finally ready to take her career to the next level. She also revealed that she will be the face of the company and that she is grateful to have a team and a company behind and in front of her.

The news of Asian Doll signing to a record label has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry, leaving fans and fellow artists alike excited to see what the future holds for the Queen of Drill.

On her Twitter account, she wrote, “YALL IM SIGNING THIS WEEK.” This tweet has sparked a lot of buzz and speculation among her followers about which record label she will be signing with and what this means for her career.

While the rising star did not mention the name of the record label in her initial announcement, she did share a logo with the name SELF MADE SME ENTERTAINMENT on her Instagram story, hinting at the label that she will be signing with.

Asian Doll announced her signing to the record label and revealed that she will now have the support of a massive team and millions of dollars behind her. She expressed her gratitude to her fans, who have been with her every step of the way, and her excitement for the future.

“Dolls we f*cking did it im crying as I type we are no longer alone on this journey I have millions of dollars behind me now a huge team, I’m the face of the company 🤞🏽💓 I love y’all sooooooo much I can finally be more & do more I’m so happy bro,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Dallas native success in the music industry is well deserved, given her hard work and dedication to her craft. Her solo mixtape “Let’s Do A Drill 2” was a huge success, and her song “Goin 4 Nun” was the most-voted song on Dilemaradio’s music chart in February. Her talent and dedication have also earned her a large fan base both in the United States and abroad.

The Queen Of Drill has a massive fan base abroad, and on January 28th, Asian Doll gave a show-stopping performance in Dubai. She had been booked for two back-to-back shows in Dubai and performed at the Mansion, one of the city’s most luxurious urban nightlife destinations.

The Queen Of Drill’s rising popularity has also led to new opportunities for her. She recently became an ambassador for Fashionnova, joining the ranks of other celebrity collaborators such as Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. This collaboration is a testament to her influence in the fashion industry as well as in the music world.

In addition to her music and fashion ventures, Asian Doll is also an entrepreneur. She owns a cosmetics store called “Da Doll”, which is set to relaunch on May 10th. The store will offer exclusive Bratz and Doll cosmetics, and fans can already check out the store on @dadollstore‘s Instagram page. One of the highly anticipated products in the relaunch is the “Bratz Doll Lip Kit”.

The relaunch of “Da Doll” store is an exciting new chapter for Asian Doll, who has always been passionate about cosmetics and beauty. The store looks amazing, and fans can expect a wide range of products that cater to all their beauty needs. It is also worth noting that Asian Doll’s hard work and dedication to her fans have paid off, as evidenced by the overwhelming support for her store and her other ventures.

Asian Doll’s rise to fame is truly inspiring, and her success is a testament to her talent, hard work, and perseverance. Her story is a reminder that success is achievable if one is willing to put in the work and remain dedicated to their dreams. As Asian Doll continues to make her mark in the music and fashion industry, her fans are excited to see what she has in store for the future.

The Queen of Drill has always stayed true to herself, and it’s this authenticity that has endeared her to fans worldwide. She is funny, humble, and incredibly talented, and her signing to the record label is just the beginning of what is sure to be an incredible journey. With her massive team and millions of dollars behind her, Asian Doll is ready to take on the world and make her mark on the music industry.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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