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Teyana Taylor’s Role in the Chris Brown and Usher Fight: The Full Story

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The latest episode of The Highest Point podcast hosted by Matt Devaunn and Toby delved into the recent Chris Brown and Usher fight that involved Teyana Taylor. The episode began with the hosts discussing the ongoing beef between Brown and Teyana. The reason for the feud was that Brown had planned to perform a tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson, at the American Music Awards. However, Taylor allegedly had a hand in pulling the performance away from him at the last minute, which didn’t sit well with Brown.

The discussion moved on to the recent birthday event for Chris Brown, which was hosted by Usher at a skating rink. The hosts revealed that Teyana Taylor was in attendance, which led to an altercation between her and Chris Brown. Brown, who had been holding a grudge against Taylor for a while, confronted her at the event and told her to leave.

However, Taylor refused to leave and remained seated, which further fueled Brown’s anger. Brown then instructed Usher to make Taylor leave the event, but Usher refused to comply with Brown’s request. This led to a physical altercation between Brown’s crew and Usher’s crew.

The hosts speculated on what Usher could have said to provoke Brown and his crew but ultimately concluded that Usher should have followed Brown’s instructions since he was the host of the event. The discussion ended with the hosts remarking on Brown’s tendency to get into fights, especially when he’s had too much to drink.

The episode provided an interesting insight into the ongoing feud between Brown and Taylor and shed light on the recent altercation at Chris Brown’s birthday event. The hosts’ analysis of the situation was informative, and their speculation on what could have led to the fight added a layer of intrigue to the already tense situation. Overall, it was an engaging episode that kept listeners hooked from start to finish.

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