Broadcast rights & social media distribution

The agreement is between the copyright owner (“the client”) and Dilemaradio (“the radio”) and is in effect worldwide.

By submitting the music submission form at the Client enters into an agreement with the Radio for an indefinite period of time. The Client grants the Radio full copyright rights only for radio broadcasting and/or online publishing/social media without limitations.


The Radio has the right to generate revenue through ads such as: Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Google Adsense gained through traffic, promotion and radio advertisement.

Copyright Restriction

The Radio is limited to broadcast and internet publication only. The client does NOT grant the Radio to sell.

Broadcast rights

The Client authorize the Radio to broadcast on a commercial radio station.

Social media distribution

The Radio is not allowed to sell or resell, but use the direct links to online music stores to promote the authored work. The Client authorize the Radio to publish online and not limited to:

  • All Social Media
  • Rumble and other audio and video platforms
  • The official website,


The Client excludes the Radio all potential liability. The Client authorize the Radio to dispute all copyright claims. The agreement protects the Radio from:

  • Copyright Claims/DMCA Complaints
  • Content ID
  • Distribution Companies and Organizers
  • Licenses & Royalties
  • Multi-Channel Networks
  • Record Labels
  • And all rightfully parties of the authored work


The purpose of the agreement is to protect the Radio from legal issues. Without the agreement, the Radio cannot perform its work safely.

The Agreement

  1. The Client remains the original/official copyright owner over the authored work and does not lose copyright.
  2. The Client grants the Radio copyright to protect the radio from all potential liability.
  3. The Client only authorizes the Radio to broadcast on a commercialized radio and/or to publish online.
  4. The Radio is protected against all claims and fees and liabilities.
  5. The Radio is not authorized to sell or resell but only to promote the provided store link(s), and artist(s), and record label.