Dilemaradio is a leading source of hip hop news and media, founded by Silvia Tine in 2017. Our mission is to provide our audience with the latest hip hop news, rumors, and trends on a daily basis.

We offer a range of features for hip hop enthusiasts, including a monthly hip hop music chart where users can vote on their favorite tracks, as well as a radio station featuring uncensored rap and hip hop music. We have recently partnered with The Highest Point Podcast, which is featured on our website and broadcast on the radio.

Our website provides comprehensive coverage of the hip hop scene, with news articles, interviews with artists and industry figures, and a fresh look at the inside of the industry. 

The Dilemaradio hip hop radio station is a popular destination for hip hop fans, with over 500,000 weekly listeners and about 9% growth on weekends. We offer a mix of the latest rap music from famous and independent artists, all of which is uncensored.

Dilemaradio.com is the go-to source for all things hip hop, with a variety of features and resources available. Users can find the latest news, music, and interviews, as well as access to our radio station and podcast.

We are committed to growing our brand and expanding our reach, with opportunities for advertisers to reach our large and engaged audience. 

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us via our website’s contact form.


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