Dilemaradio is a Hip Hop music radio station founded begin 2017 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

The name has a Spanish edge. In the Spanish language, the word dilemma is written with one ‘m’, this is how the name Dilemaradio was born. Once started as a small name on the streets —today— it has grown into a worldwide listening sensation for Hip Hop enthusiasts.

Dilemaradio can proudly say it’s not like most radio stations. Hip Hop artist will never be judged based on commercial interests but talent. Regardless of Well-known artists, Indie artists or undiscovered diamonds in the rough, at Dilemaradio, it is only about the qualities.

Great music influencers are listening to Dilemaradio which helps artists to be discovered, this makes Dilemaradio Hip Hop radio station very unique and stands out from the rest.

The balance weighs more towards non-commercial music but now and then you hear a top 40 Hip Hop song. This is why the music experience at Dilemaradio is always surprising, refreshing, and original. The focus is on new music.

Dilemaradio has an average of 500,000 weekly listeners and +9% on weekends. The radio reach a worldwide audience with the USA, Germany, Russia, France, and Canada as leading countries.

That same statistics tells which song makes it. Dilemaradio’s Hip Hop music charts are based on audience retention and not commercial interests like the Billboard charts, one of the main reasons why some talent remains under the radar. At the end of the year, we organize the Mega Hip Hop Music chart.



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