Dilemaradio is a hip-hop radio station, that offers hip-hop news on its website.
The company is owned and founded by Silvia Tine in 2017, she is also the chief editor, author, and radio producer of Dilemaradio.

The goal was to create an internet radio station and streaming service that would bring listeners the quality, originality, and freshness that they felt was lacking in most commercial radio stations.

Dilemaradio can proudly say it’s not like most radio stations. Hip Hop artist will never be judged based on commercial interests but talent. Regardless of Well-known artists, Indie artists or undiscovered diamonds in the rough, at Dilemaradio, it is only about the qualities.

Since its founding in 2017, Dilemaradio has grown from a small operation with just a few thousand weekly listeners to a widely popular station with nearly 500,000 weekly listeners and about 9% growth on weekends. The company’s worldwide audience is led by the USA, which represents nearly 60% of all listening hours.

We know you’ll love what you hear, but don’t take our word for it: Listen now!