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Hip Hop Music Submission: Get Heard on Dilemaradio

Submit your hip-hop tracks to Dilemaradio for a chance at broad exposure, expert feedback, and potential radio play. Join our leading platform for emerging artists and amplify your music’s reach in the hip-hop community.

Please note that while we charge a nominal fee for the review process, it guarantees that your music receives the attention it merits. However, payment does not automatically ensure radio play. Our primary goal is to maintain the quality and relevance of the content we broadcast.




Dilemaradio: Your Hip Hop Launchpad

We know the grind. That’s why we built Dilemaradio’s submission platform for artists ready to blow up.

Why Submit to Us?

  • Real Reach: Your tracks could hit the airwaves, finding a massive built-in audience.
  • Level Up: Our team gives honest feedback (within 24 hrs on weekdays) so you improve with every track.
  • Boost Mode: Get hype! We amp up the best tracks on social media and our charts.

Here’s the Deal:

  • We Sweat the Details: Our team actually listens to your submission – every single one.
  • No Auto-Play: A small fee keeps submissions serious and means you get the attention you deserve.
  • Quality is Queen: Airplay isn’t guaranteed. We keep Dilema Radio’s sound top-notch for our listeners.

Heard Enough? Submit Now. Let’s Make Your Hip Hop Happen.


Dilemaradio is a leading platform for hip hop news and media, established in 2017. The website offers a variety of features such as a monthly hip hop music chart and a radio station featuring uncensored rap and hip hop music | learn more.