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50 Cent Under Fire for Causing Serious Head Injury to Female Fan at Los Angeles Concert

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Rapper 50 Cent is facing public scrutiny and potential legal consequences after throwing a microphone into the crowd during a concert at the Crypto.com Arena in on August 29, 2023. The resulted in a serious head injury to a female fan, later identified as Power 106 radio host Bryhana Monegain.

During the concert, 50 Cent, frustrated with technical issues affecting his microphone, threw it into the crowd not once but twice. The second throw struck Bryhana Monegain, causing a gash on her forehead. The incident was captured on video by concertgoers and has since circulated on social media platforms. Notably, Monegain was standing in an off-stage production area when she was hit.

Neither 50 Cent nor Monegain has publicly addressed the incident. However, social media users are calling for the rapper to be held accountable for his actions. Comments range from urging Monegain to sue the rapper to demanding that 50 Cent cover her medical expenses.

D.C. attorney Dionna Maria Lewis, Esq., weighed in on the incident, stating that while the payout might be more than “normal” due to the rapper's high profile, it would likely not be a life-changing amount. She also mentioned that 50 Cent might have an insurance policy covering such “unusual” conduct.

Monegain is shown to have a gash on her forehead and expressed concerns about her brain health. She stated, “I just want them to check my brain. Like, am I going to be okay? I just want to make sure ain't nothing bleeding.”


This is not the first time a rapper has thrown a microphone into the crowd. In July, also threw a microphone off stage at a female concertgoer who had thrown a drink at her during a performance in Las Vegas. A similar incident led to a criminal investigation that was later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

The incident raises questions about the responsibilities of artists and venues in ensuring the safety of concertgoers. While it remains unclear whether 50 Cent will face legal repercussions, the event serves as a cautionary tale for both artists and fans. As of now, it is unknown if Bryhana Monegain plans to take legal action, but the incident has certainly ignited a debate about accountability in live performances.

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Written by: Heathcliff Spencer Peters

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