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50 Cent Throws Shade at Redman’s Departure from ‘Power’: What Really Happened?”

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In a recent event, hip-hop mogul 50 Cent responded to Redman for leaving the popular TV show “Power.” explained during an interview on the Faded Truth podcast that he didn't want to get the -19 vaccine, and that's why he left the show. Now, let's take a closer look at what happened and see how reacted to Redman's choice.

In a recent interview on the Faded Truth podcast, Redman talked about why he left the TV series “Power.” He said he left after the second episode because everyone on the show had to get vaccinated, and he didn't want to. Redman believed it was important to stick to his beliefs. Even though being on “Power” could have helped his career and made him a lot of money, he chose to put his health first and walked away from the show.

Unsurprisingly, 50 Cent couldn't resist the opportunity to respond to Redman's comment about his departure from the highly popular TV series. Through his social media platform, 50 Cent called out Redman's decision, stating that Redman had walked away from the number one show in African-American and Latino households. He expressed his disbelief at Redman's choice and humorously admitted that he had taken the vaccine himself, highlighting the phrase “I took the shot f*ck that.”

On his Instagram account, Fiddy shared a snippet of the interview and added a caption to the video.: “He's not lying he walked right away from the #1 show in African American and Latino house holds. SMH I took the shot fvck that. LOL “


In the clip shared by 50 Cent, we can listen to Redman saying: “I walked away from Power. I walked away from Power after the second episode because everybody on the show had to have a jab and I wasn't with it.”

When it comes to vaccines, different people have different opinions. Some people think vaccines work well and are safe, while others have worries and doubts. It's important to understand that everyone makes their own choices based on what they've learned, what they believe, and their own situation. We should respect each person's decision without criticizing or judging them.

Redman's Journey into Cannabis Advocacy and Breaking Stigmas

In addition to Redman talking about leaving the Power series, he and Angela Martinez discussed other interesting things. They talked about the cannabis industry and its potential. Redman shared how cannabis is not just about getting high but also has healing properties. He wanted to break the stigma around it and embrace its true potential.


“It's not just about getting high anymore,” Redman said. “Cannabis is medicine. It has healing properties that can benefit so many people. It's about time we break the stigma and embrace its true potential.”

The host mentioned a conversation with a friend who works in the cannabis industry. The friend said that big corporations are getting ready for the industry to become legal and are trying to control it.

Those words resonated deeply with Redman, and he soon recognized the urgency of the situation. Realizing the need for collective action, he decided to get involved in the political aspect of the industry, aiming to be a voice for the people, particularly for small businesses and marginalized communities adversely affected by the war on drugs.

To make a difference, Redman and others started the United Empowerment Party (UEP). They wanted to advocate for cannabis rights and push for change. They also wanted to promote the medicinal uses of cannabis and make sure that smaller businesses and legacy operators were not left behind.


The UEP knew there would be challenges if cannabis became legal at the federal level. They wanted to protect smaller businesses and ensure that the industry was fair and diverse. They believed in empowering individuals and businesses in the cannabis community, providing them with resources and opportunities for success.

Redman and Angela Martinez encouraged people to join the UEP and support their initiatives. They wanted to hold politicians accountable and make sure the needs of the cannabis community were heard. They also talked about the importance of building relationships and alliances, learning from other industries.

In summary, the cannabis movement is not just about getting high. It's about unlocking the full potential of the plant and using it for healing and positive change. Through their advocacy for responsible growth and empowerment, Redman and Angela Martinez encourage us all to envision a world where cannabis can bring about positive transformations.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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