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6ix9ine Blessed A Family In Mexico With 1Million Pesos

todayApril 25, 2022 1206 6

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Tekashi 's act of kindness for a poor family in Mexico has gone viral.

The New York rapper 6ix9ine has impacted the lives of two families in separate parts of the country.

The rapper decided to bless a family he encountered on the road in Mexico who was living in extreme poverty and decided to alter their lives with 1 million Mexican pesos ($50,000 USD).

Tekashi 6ix9ine wrote on his Instagram:” I GAVE A FAMILY 1,000,000 dollars … this family didn't have water or electricity…… remember yesterday I told you guys every week I will try to give away 50,000 to someone random … This is GINÈ GINÈ AND WE GONNA STAND ON THAT ‼️”

One day ago 6ix9ine wrote: I was going to spend 20,000 last night in the club but I didn't get to do so but I spent it on something better LETS GET BACK TO IT. IF YOU KNOW ME I BEEN DOING THIS AND ITS NEVER GONNA STOP. I WOKE UP TODAY FEELING GREAT. THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE MATTER MORE THEN EVER NOW. EVERY WEEK I WILL TRY TO GIVE AT LEAST 50,000$ AWAY TO SOMEONE RANDOM FOR PEOPLE IN NEED.”

The rapper's generosity was praised by his fans worldwide, who sent him prayers and blessings in the hopes that he will be able to raise even more funds to help the unfortunate family. Although has faced many problems during his career, his kind gesture toward a stranger may indicate that he is ready to turn over a new leaf.

The rainbow artist plans on continuing his charitable actions by giving away 50,000 dollars every week to random people who are struggling with poverty.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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