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6ix9ine Hospitalized Following Violent Attack At LA Fitness Gym 

todayMarch 21, 2023 16103 223

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In a recent at the World Baseball Classic held in Miami, controversial rapper 6ix9ine was reportedly kicked out for being heavily intoxicated and arguing with spectators. The incident was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media.

In the world of entertainment, controversy seems to follow some artists wherever they go. Such is the case for the rainbow artist . On the 18th of March 2023, the rapper was present at the World Baseball Classic, a high-profile sporting event that pitted Mexico against Puerto Rico in fierce competition.

According to eyewitnesses at the event, 6ix9ine was heavily intoxicated, so much so that his security team had to hold him up. He was seen flexing a Mexican flag, which angered some fans who were sitting on the grandstand. As he continued to wave his flag, Puerto Rico's fans started to throw drinks at him. This led to a heated argument between the rapper and fans on the grandstand, which ultimately led to the security team removing him from the event.

The subsequent video footage shows fans of Puerto Rico hurling beverages at the rapper, who was provocatively brandishing a Mexican flag.

At this moment, the security team decided to escort the intoxicated rapper outside.

In one particular video that has now gone viral, 6ix9ine is seen talking to a Hispanic man who was reportedly working at the event. In the video, 6ix9ine can be heard shouting and raising his voice.

Despite his state of intoxication, 6ix9ine went on to claim that he helps people because his mother was an immigrant and that he knows what it's like to struggle. The Hispanic man empathized with 6ix9ine, stating that he knew he was helping people, but the rapper continued to raise his voice that no other artist helps the poor as he does.

As the conversation continued, 6ix9ine became more emotional, eventually screaming at the top of his lungs, “Who helps the poor like me? Nobody! What artist that was poor helps the poor?” His outburst left fans in shock and raised concerns about his mental health.

Update: Additional information has come to light regarding the rapper. As previously reported, the rapper caused a scene at the World Baseball Classic and was escorted out by security. However, new footage has surfaced on social media that shows the rapper being assaulted by a group of individuals at a fitness center in Florida.

In the video, which has since gone viral, 6ix9ine is seen attempting to defend himself as the attackers repeatedly punch and kick him. His face is covered in blood, and he appears to be in a state of shock and confusion. It is unclear at this time who the attackers were or what their motives were for assaulting the rapper.

Given that 6ix9ine is known to always have security with him, many are now wondering where his security was during this brutal attack.

This latest incident only adds to the growing list of controversies and conflicts that have followed 6ix9ine throughout his career. The rapper has been criticized for his lack of loyalty, his cooperation with law enforcement, and his disrespectful behavior towards the hip-hop community.

Despite the controversy surrounding 6ix9ine, the rapper has shown many times over the years that he has a soft side and cares about those in need. Last year, the rapper blessed two poor families in Mexico in separate parts of the country. The rapper encountered a family on the road in Mexico who were living in extreme poverty and decided to alter their lives with 1 million Mexican pesos ($50,000).

On his Instagram page, 6ix9ine wrote, “I gave a family 1 million dollars. This family didn't have water or electricity. Remember yesterday, I told you guys every week I will try to give away $50,000 to someone random.” The rapper kept his promise and blessed many families. His generosity was praised by his fans worldwide, who sent him prayers and blessings in the hope that he would be able to raise even more funds to help the less fortunate.

While 6ix9ine's actions toward helping those in need should be celebrated, he has faced significant backlash throughout his career. The rapper, often referred to as the king of trolls, has shown a lot of disrespect towards the hip-hop community, and many have labeled him as a “rat.”

The term “rat” refers to someone who cooperates with law enforcement or other authorities, often by providing information that leads to the arrest of others. In 2018, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including racketeering and firearms offenses. The rapper agreed to cooperate with authorities and provide information about his fellow gang members, which ultimately led to their arrest and conviction.

Since then, 6ix9ine has been heavily criticized by his peers in the hip-hop community. Many have called him out for his lack of loyalty and accused him of using his cooperation with law enforcement as a way to gain fame and reduce his own sentence. This controversy has followed him throughout his career, and many fans and critics alike have questioned his authenticity and integrity as an artist.

Despite the controversies that surround him, 6ix9ine continues to make music and entertain his fans worldwide. His music has been streamed billions of times on various platforms, and he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry. While his behavior at the World Baseball Classic has raised concerns about his mental health and well-being, it is clear that he still has a strong fanbase that supports him and his music.

As with any controversial figure in entertainment, the of 6ix9ine is uncertain. While he has shown a willingness to help those in need, his past actions have left many questioning his character and authenticity as an artist. Only time will tell what the future holds for 6ix9ine and whether he will continue to make music and entertain his fans, or if his controversies will ultimately lead to his downfall.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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