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6ix9ine Shoots Music Video “WAPAE” In Africa With Limited Equipment

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Controversial rapper 6ix9ine has been making waves across the world with his unique approach to and his latest project is no exception. The artist is currently in Africa shooting the music video for his latest single, “WAPAE”, without a camera crew, relying on just himself and his trusted companion, Ronaldo.

The rapper has been sharing his progress on social media, keeping fans updated with the challenges he's faced during the filming process. In one of his recent Instagram posts, explained the difficulty he faced while filming in Africa. “We have no camera team, we have nothing to go to Africa with, just us,” he said.

Despite these challenges, 6ix9ine is determined to deliver the music video to his fans. He has even purchased the DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6 as a backup plan in case the limited equipment proves insufficient. Fans can expect a unique and raw approach to the video as 6ix9ine continues to push boundaries and innovate in the industry.

In a video shared on his Instagram account, 6ix9ine can be seen explaining his plans for the video. “I'm on my way to Africa to film a music video with no camera team,” he captioned the post. “April 10th is today … I promised you a music video 3 days from now the 14th. Realistically I won't make that date BUT as soon as I start filming I won't stop and give it to you whatever date I finish.”

The rapper continued to explain his situation in a second video, stating that he had not yet shot any scenes for the music video due to visa issues. Only two visas were approved, and he was accompanied by Ronaldo, who would have to play multiple roles including security, cameraman, and assistant. “We have no camera team, we have nothing to go to Africa just us,” he explained.

Despite the limited resources, 6ix9ine remained optimistic about the project. “For all those people signed to a label who are saying that oh my label is not supporting me or my label is not paying for this or for that, that's all excuses,” he said. “I'm showing you at the end of this music video it releases, you're gonna be like damn nothing stopped them he went with one other guy to record this video.”

To ensure the best quality video, 6ix9ine purchased a DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6. This tool will allow 6ix9ine to capture the stunning scenery and vibrant of Africa with ease, despite the limited equipment at its disposal.

In addition to the DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6, 6ix9ine has also been using the Sony A7 camera to capture footage for the music video. While the camera may not be a high-end production camera, 6ix9ine is confident that his skills as a filmmaker will allow him to create a visually stunning video that will resonate with his fans.

The rapper has also shared that the WAPAE music video will feature local children from Uganda, who he met during his time in Africa. In a heartwarming Instagram post, 6ix9ine shared a video of himself giving money to the children and expressing his love for Africa. He wrote, “UGANDA, Africa ug I love you. I can't wait to edit this video. I'm so happy I flew 22 hours just to make sure you guys were in this video. Wapae music video hopefully this Saturday/Sunday.”

For aspiring music video creators, the equipment used by 6ix9ine for his latest production in Africa may be of particular interest. Despite the limitations of his impromptu production team, the artist managed to create a visually stunning video using just a Sony A7 camera and a DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6 stabilizer.

The Sony A7 is a mirrorless camera that has gained popularity among photographers and videographers due to its compact size and high-quality image-capture capabilities. Its full-frame sensor provides excellent low-light performance and a wide dynamic range, making it an ideal choice for shooting in challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, the camera has a fast autofocus system that ensures focus even when filming fast-moving subjects.

The DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6 is a handheld stabilizer designed for use with smartphones. It uses advanced gimbal technology to stabilize footage and eliminate shaky camera movements. The device also has a range of advanced features, including ActiveTrack, which allows the camera to follow a subject automatically, and a gesture control system that lets users control the camera using hand gestures.

For those looking to create their own music videos, the combination of the Sony A7 and DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6 may be a powerful and affordable option. While professional-grade cameras and stabilizers can be costly, these tools offer excellent quality at a more accessible price point.

6ix9ine is determined to release his music video for “WAPAE” this weekend, promising his fans that he will deliver the video as soon as it's ready. Despite facing several obstacles during the production, the rapper has persevered and is expected to release the video on Saturday, April 14th, or Sunday.

In addition to his latest music video in Africa, 6ix9ine's latest release “Bori” featuring Lenier was a huge success. The collaboration with Lenier, a respected figure in the Latin American music scene, was unexpected but well-received by fans and critics alike.

Filmed in Cuba, the music video features 6ix9ine rapping entirely in Spanish, showcasing his bilingual skills. The lyrics are more introspective and vulnerable than what we are used to hearing from the controversial rapper. He talks about his childhood, his struggles, and his hopes for the , revealing a more human side to the artist.

The music video also features scenes of 6ix9ine giving back to the community, including footage of him handing out wads of cash to locals. This act of kindness is sure to win him some new fans and highlights his willingness to support those in need.

Despite his controversial past, 6ix9ine's latest release has received praise for its artistic merit and introspective lyrics. Fans and critics alike are excited to see what the rapper will come up with next.

As for his latest music video shot in Africa, 6ix9ine has announced that it will be released on Saturday, April 14th, giving fans something to look forward to. The video is expected to feature stunning visuals and impressive cinematography, thanks to the use of professional equipment such as the DJI Ronin Osmo Mobile 6 and the Sony A7 camera.

Despite facing challenges and setbacks during the production of the “WAPAE” music video, 6ix9ine has remained committed to delivering a high-quality video that his fans will love. His determination and resourcefulness are a testament to his passion for music and his desire to connect with his fans on a deeper level.

Whether you love him or hate him, there is no denying that 6ix9ine is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. With his latest project, he has once again proven that he is willing to take risks and innovate, cementing his place as one of the most unique and intriguing artists of our time.

Fans eagerly await the release of the “WAPAE” music video, and many are excited to see what 6ix9ine has been able to accomplish with limited resources and no production team. The rapper has shown that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible, and he continues to inspire his fans with his creativity and ingenuity.

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6ix9ine Music Video “WAPAE”

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