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Mind-blowing 911 Tape Detailing the Attack on Rapper Fish Scales

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Nappy Roots' rapper Fish Scales (Melvin Adams) was kidnapped outside his own restaurant and he is recovering from gunshot wounds. Based on police statements and newly released 911 audio tape hint at something sinister. What are the 911 audio tape and police documents telling about the attack on ?

According to the police, Scales stated that he had been previously dealing with a dissatisfied employee who would “cover his voice” when talking on the phone. This suggests that someone inside may have planned and carried out this robbery, tells Britt Robinson to the 911 operator.

Rapper Fish Scales, a member of rap group Nappy Roots, was kidnapped outside his own restaurant around 11 p.m. and is recovering from gunshot wounds, according to the police. Newly released 911 recordings and police records reveal the terrifying ordeal he almost escaped.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Scales and his friend Britt Robinson were leaving the Atlanta brewery Atlantatucky when they stopped for dinner. When Scales went back outside to check on Robinson after he was detained by cops, who had pulled over in front of their car while running radar tests at an undisclosed location in Decatur County.

Scales told the police that a robber, while brandishing a gun, forced him back into the brewery and demanded cash.

When Robinson contacted 911 while still outside, he reported that several criminals had stolen his revolver and house keys before demanding that Scales unlock the safe inside Atlantatucky.

Robinson claims to have seen the robber on a cell phone during the robbery, presumably getting advice about how best to find where money was hidden.

Fish Scales' 911 Call

The cashless brewery had only $20 to $30 when the burglars returned with Scales, but they were determined to travel elsewhere because they knew where he lived.

Scales said that after getting into the car, the robbers asked to go inside his house. A second robber shocked Scales with a Taser as he opened the door for them.

Eventually, Scales got out of the car and started fighting with him. As he did so, the first suspect said something like:

“I don't want to hurt you.”

During the physical altercation, Scales was shot once in his left calf.

The rapper from Nappy Roots ran for his life. He eventually realized that no one was chasing him and decided to go knock on a nearby house's door so he could have the residents call the police.

Scales also told officers that, although he couldn't remember the identity of the person, an unhappy employee had just been dealt with. Additionally, one of the robbers may have been trying to disguise his voice.

Police continue their search for the suspects.


Scales is currently in stable condition and has been released from the hospital. Authorities have not yet released any further details about the robbery or possible suspects.

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Written by: Heathcliff Spencer Peters

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