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Adin Ross and Kai Cenat Respond to Joe Budden’s Strong Remarks

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In the vast universe of cyberspace, clashes between titans are not uncommon. But the latest between and streamer stars Adin Ross and ? It's got everyone talking, shaking up the hip-hop and streaming scenes, and sparking a huge online showdown for the top spot.

It all began innocuously enough on a recent episode of the ‘Joe Budden Podcast,' where Budden and his co-hosts delved into discussions about the Grammy's and Killer Mike's notable wins in the rap category. However, things took a turn when Joe Budden went on a rant in reaction to Kai Cenat and others expressing their belief that 's ‘Utopia' was robbed of the Rap Album Of The Year at the .

Budden, known for his unfiltered opinions, didn't mince words when he played a clip of Kai Cenat's reaction to 's wins. Cenat's candid remarks about the outcome drew the ire of Budden, who lashed out at what he referred to as “lil streamer n****s,” dismissing their influence in the industry.

In response, Cenat took to his own stream to clap back at Budden, accusing him of suffering from “old n***a syndrome” and asserting his dominance with boasts about his wealth. , not one to stay silent, joined the fray, criticizing Budden for what he perceived as baseless hatred and lack of respect for the younger generation.

The feud quickly escalated, with supporters of each camp taking sides and engaging in heated debates across social media platforms. While some rallied behind Budden, praising him for his contributions to hip-hop and calling for respect for the genre's veterans, others defended Ross and Cenat, citing their influence and success in the streaming world.

Amidst the chaos, one voice stood out on the X platform offering a poignant perspective on the matter. The tweet delivers a powerful message concerning respect and recognition within the hip-hop sphere, shedding light on the racial complexities at play. It takes aim at Adin Ross, the white streamer, for questioning Joe Budden's credibility in hip-hop, highlighting Budden's extensive tenure in the industry.

The User's tweet stresses the significance of showing humility and respect towards the genre's legends, advising individuals like Adin Ross to stick to their own expertise and display proper respect when engaging in discussions about hip-hop culture.

“Listen @adinross you are a whyte man asking a Black man who has a storied 20+ year in “who are you? What have you done? What have you done?”. Like just think about that. This thing right here is ours. OURS. Be clear, being a nerdy young whyte streamer asking a Black man who is a veteran rapper, (also a veteran in YOUR field) why does he have an opinion on Hip Hop? You see how wild that sounds? You see how NUTS that sounds?! Nigga mind your fuckin business. Joe Budden spoke on the same thing the entire world was speaking on but since y'all look at him a certain way, y'all get sensitive. You and the likes of you need to start speaking with some respect regarding Hip Hop's greats. Goats. Foundation layers. And yes Joe was the nigga in your field on top of the streaming game before the word streaming was even a thing. Back when you were in diapers running around shitty. You, , Vlad, there's a pattern here. Know your role and stay in your lane. Be thankful that we even allow you over here to speak on OUR shit. It's a problem with you guests when y'all start acting like you not here by way of a PASS. A PASS nigga. This is Hip Hop over here and your name means NOTHING here. Plus your name is Adin. Fuck outta here. Don't get your fuckin pass revoked. God Bless and enjoy your Thursday”

Tweeted by @DuffJuice30

While the internet may have served as the battleground, it's clear that this clash of titans is far from over. As the online showdown rages on, it's a reminder that the tension between OG hip-hop heads and up-and-coming digital stars is still heating up, showing us just how much the entertainment game keeps on changing.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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