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Akademiks Calls Out Lil Baby and His Fans on Social Media

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Popular social media personality DJ Akademiks recently took to to publicly address rapper and his fans. In a series of tweets, criticized Lil Baby's recent career trajectory and called out his fans for being “fickle”.

Akademiks started by addressing Lil Baby‘s supposed declining popularity, saying, “So now all of y'all wanna jump on the ‘Lil Baby fell off' train…” He questioned the loyalty of fans, suggesting they change their opinions based on headlines and trends.

Recently Ak tweeted and addressed Lil Baby's fans, expressing his frustration with their changing opinions. He said, “So now all of y'all wanna jump on the ‘Lil Baby fell off' ‘ Lil Baby making the same song over and over again' train… When I said his last album was mid, y'all said I was a D** riding hater who only said that cuz he dissed me. Wtf changed since then… why y'all turn on dominque?”

Akademiks continued to backlash Lil Baby's fans for being fickle and swayed easily by headlines. He tweeted, “This shit shows me how fickle fans are and how they have no real opinion. A few headlines unfavorable to baby & now he fell off? But when he dropped the b4.. y'all ate it up and cosigned it as hot cuz it was trendy to do. Now that he hugging white dudes n tour floppin. he fell off?”

The controversial tweets didn't stop there. Akademiks also tweeted about rapper Gunna remarking: “Also… it's interesting how the angle is playing out online as well. I've seen these ‘fly by night' fans say Thug is trash because they felt Gunna put out a better album… now the new narrative is that Gunna better off w/o Lil Baby… most fans love storylines, not music.”

The YouTuber didn't shy away from giving advice to Lil Baby. He suggested, “Y'all trying y'all best to do to Lil Baby what y'all did to Da baby… this is why you need a solid core fanbase… the rest of these ‘fly by night' fans will switch up on you because you're getting sandwiched hugged at an all-white party or they ‘heard' your tour not selling.”

In a particular tweet, Akademiks addressed the Michael Rubin pictures situation writing, “I got the remedy for Lil Baby… stay far tf away from that Michael Rubin… or keep it off camera… the optics don't look right… the internet making it sound like u on some ‘Get Out' shit… it's ruining the façade needed for fickle rap fans to buy into music.”

Akademiks continued with his tweets. He suggested: “Secondly.. Go on a crazy feature run… or drop a few tapes.. bar for bar u one of the best rapping.. these fickle fans will forget all this hate they giving.. Also that merch madness song.. delete it from youtube. its terrible.”

The podcaster then turned his attention to Lil Baby's music. He stated, “Stop remaking ‘Woah' and ‘It's On Me'… we gave u a pass with Right On… but the formulaic songs ain't cutting it… your cadence for hooks was new for a few years, now all it does is remind us of the most successful versions of it. Put somebody else on the hook.”

Akademiks continued to offer more unsolicited advice to Lil Baby. In his fourth tweet, he wrote, “4th. Stop Rapping About ‘Not Falling Off' while the whole conversation about u is if you Fell off… u don't beat fall off accusations by just rapping about falling off. Maybe add a lil substance or sum?”

Then the YouTuber moved on to his fifth “advice,” tweeting, “Look around at everybody in the studio this day you previewed this song… they are all liars. This should have never left the Engineer headphones.”

AK criticism extended to Lil Baby's music, suggesting that he should stop remaking certain songs and focus on creating more substantive content. The tweets also mentioned Lil Baby's tour, implying that some fans might be unable to afford tickets due to financial hardships.

The podcaster unleashed his sixth piece of advice, writing, “Consolidate ur tour. U can clearly do Arenas in some places… but money tight for a lot of these post PPP fans who broke now and Everybody n they mama is out doing a arena tour in the next 6 months. Keep in mind yall charging the same price as which a n** can see 50 artists for the same price.”

Akademiks concluded with a seventh tweet, stating, “If Lil Baby adopts even 3 outta 6 of the advice I just laid down… By Spring 24′ yall gonna act like yall was never hating on him period once he drops a new song on a yacht… with 15 white girls and him doing donuts on the Jet Ski…”

Known for his bold and sometimes controversial statements, AK has a long history of getting into arguments and stirring up debates. With a massive following on social media, he often finds himself in the midst of heated discussions.

One of the areas where AK has been no stranger to conflict is in his interactions with fellow artists. Notably, he has engaged in online with various rappers, including Lil Baby in the past. These clashes have fueled tensions and added to his reputation as a provocative figure.

Even though AK receives a lot of negative comments, he still does very well on the internet. He has a lot of fans who follow him online, and they really like him. But being famous also means people watch him closely, and he gets a lot of criticism from different people.

One of the primary reasons behind the backlash is that Ak is not an artist himself. Instead, he primarily focuses on discussing and analyzing the work of others.

Some people might wonder about the way AK does things, but it's important to understand that this is his job. He has made a career out of giving opinions and starting discussions about different things in the entertainment industry.

In today's digital world, creating content and being active on social media are very important. Akademiks has done well by using his own special way. He can start conversations, even if they cause arguments, and this has helped him find his place online.

As DJ Akademiks keeps using the internet, it's clear that people have different opinions about him. Some like his controversial content and how he speaks his mind, while others don't. But there's no denying that he has become a well-known personality, especially on the Internet.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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