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Aries Spears Responds to Racial Slurs from Indians After On-Stage Joke

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Popular stand-up comedian and actor Aries Spears, hailing from New Jersey, recently found himself at the center of a social media storm following a controversial joke he made during one of his comedy shows. The comedian, known for his wit and impressions, spoke out about the backlash he has received, particularly from individuals in the Indian community who took offense to his humor.

On September 1st, 2023, Spears took to social media to express his disappointment and frustration with the wave of hate and criticism that came his way due to a joke he made at a comedy club. In a video message, he shared his astonishment at the intensity of the backlash. He performed the joke in a comedy club in Arizona, and it involved poking fun at an Indian man's name. Despite the audience's laughter, Spears faced a barrage of criticism, particularly from the Indian community.

In the video, Spears said, “Yo, what's good, it's your boy here. Listen, man, I got this clip on my feed where I'm in a comedy club, I think in Houston or Arizona, and I asked an Indian dude his name and I made fun of his name. I can't tell you the amount of hate I'm getting from the Indian community based off of a joke.”

Spears continued to express his disbelief at the intensity of the backlash, especially considering the context of the joke. He pointed out that he was performing on stage in a comedy club, with people in the audience clearly enjoying and laughing at his humor. The clip in question had garnered significant views, indicating that many found it funny. Spears emphasized that the joke was intended purely for comedic purposes.

The comedian also made it very clear that he didn't mean to group or label an entire group of people based on the reactions of a few. He mentioned that he has Indian fans who enjoy his work and pointed to comedian Russell Peters as an example of an Indian performer he likes and has a great connection with.


Spears added the following caption to his Instagram video post: “This is insane!!!!! I got love for EVERYBODY but my style of comedy is uncut raw unfiltered Bolivian Yayo! I'm ol skool I come from that 80's 90's era of comedy! I don't do gram cracker preschool take a nap on a cot Capri Sun comedy!! MAN……MAN UP!!!!”

This underscores the ongoing debate surrounding comedy, cultural sensitivity, and the freedom to express oneself. Spears believes that even within the clear context of comedy performance, some people are now quick to take offense, even when the audience is laughing heartily.

But Spears isn't the only comedian grappling with this new comedy terrain. Comedy is evolving, and comedians like Dave Chappelle have also faced their share of controversies. Chappelle, known for his candid and unfiltered humor, faced criticism after his Netflix special, “The Closer,” which touched on sensitive topics like LGBTQ+ issues, race, and gender.


Chappelle, much like Spears, defended his comedic choices by highlighting that comedy involves questioning societal norms and conventions. Nonetheless, some viewers perceived his jokes as hurtful and offensive.

The challenge for comedians like Spears and Chappelle is navigating the transition from live comedy shows, where the audience is actively engaged and in on the joke, to the realm of social media, where jokes can be evaluated more critically. Social media audiences lack the immediate context of a live show and may judge humor through the lens of political correctness.

Comedians like Trevor Noah and Basket Mouth have also encountered this shift. Their jokes, once confined to live audiences, now spread rapidly on social media, exposing them to various interpretations and sensitivities.


To deal with these changing ways of comedy, comedians use tricks like “punching up.” This means they make fun of people who have more power or advantages instead of picking on those who are already having a tough time. This way, they try to make folks laugh without hurting anyone's feelings, just like Basket Mouth and Trevor Noah do in their acts.

Comedy is changing with the times. Jokes used to be decided by what society found funny. Now, the audience has a big say in what's acceptable. Comedians have to be really creative and flexible to make people laugh without making them mad. It's a new world for comedy, but it's still evolving and staying relevant.

Aries Spears continues to bring laughter to audiences around the country. If you're ready for a night of humor and entertainment, Spears is currently on tour. You can secure your tickets on Aries Spears' official website to catch his live performance.

See if Aries Spears is performing in your town and keep in mind it's a “Comedy Show.” Comedy is all about making you laugh and sometimes saying things that make you think. So, come with an open mind, get ready to have a good laugh, and don't take it too seriously.

You've gotta appreciate comedy, right? Don't miss the chance to watch Aries Spears' hilarious videos.”

Written by: Silvia Tine

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