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Arsonal da Rebel Drops “Big Jersey 3”: A Musical Marvel for Your Ears!

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Newark, New Jersey – Arsonal, who is also called Arsonal da Rebel, has made a big comeback in the industry with his new project called “Big Jersey 3.” The album came out on June 30, (2023) and it's a very important achievement for the rapper. It shows how much he has grown as an artist and solidifies his position as one of the most respected figures in the rap game.

Arsonal became famous by battling other rappers and impressing people with his exciting performances and impressive lyrics. He became really popular on the internet as one of the most-watched battle rappers. But Arsonal didn't just stick to battling. He wanted to try making music as well, and his first projects, “Vibes” released in 2016 and “Finally” in 2018, were loved by many.

As the co-owner of the UW Battle League, which was later renamed the U Dubb Network, Arsonal has always been deeply involved in the hip-hop scene. Hailing from Newark, New Jersey, he takes great pride in representing his hometown and bringing its unique flavor to his music. His strong ties to the community have earned him a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates each of his releases.

“Big Jersey 3” serves as the highly anticipated sequel to the successful album “Big Jersey 2,” which dropped on August 1, 2022. The second installment was hailed as one of the best albums of 2022 by , solidifying Arsonal's reputation as one of the best artists. With the release of “Big Jersey 3,” Arsonal shows once again how great he is. The album is so good that you won't want to skip any of the songs. It takes you on an exciting journey through Arsonal's life and the things he has experienced.


Featuring a total of 16 tracks, “Big Jersey 3” showcases Arsonal's skills as a rapper. The album also includes notable collaborations, including a powerful joint effort with Bay Area-based artist Symba on the song “Slow Down.” Additionally, Arsonal teams up with Shotgun Suge and FL3A, further elevating the project with their unique contributions.

Now Available on Spotify: Arsonal da Rebel “Big Jersey3”


Arsonal, being an independent artist, has faced challenges in promoting his music to a wider audience. Unlike artists signed to major record labels who receive an extensive promotion, Arsonal has had to overcome hurdles to reach a larger fanbase. As a result, many people are still unaware of the incredible talent he possesses. Dilemaradio is determined to change that. They are committed to ensuring that everyone recognizes and appreciates the outstanding contributions that this artist from New Jersey has made to the hip-hop scene. Dilemaradio wants to give Arsonal the recognition and flowers he rightfully deserves for his remarkable talent and impact on the world of hip-hop.

Da Rebel's music is a true representation of hip-hop, as he remains authentic to his unique style while incorporating modern elements to stay current with the evolving trends in the genre. One standout track on the album, “Might As Well Had,” highlights Arsonal's versatility, combining compelling storytelling with intricate wordplay. For those who appreciate bars, engaging narratives, and a chill vibe, “Big Jersey 3” is a must-listen.

Besides making music, Arsonal has also started a new show called “The Rap Central Show“. You can watch it on his YouTube channel. In the show, he invites talented rappers to showcase their skills. It's a great way to discover new artists and see the incredible talent that exists in the hip-hop community.


“The Rap Central Show” is proof of how much Arsonal cares about helping the hip-hop community and giving a chance to up-and-coming artists. If you think hip-hop is dead or getting boring, Arsonal's show will definitely show you otherwise.

In every episode of “The Rap Central Show,” you'll see talented artists getting a chance to talk about their music careers. Arsonal makes sure his guests feel comfortable and have a space where they can be creative and express themselves freely. This helps bring out the best in their art. During the show, there are short interviews where artists share what inspires them, the challenges they've faced, and their dreams for the . This gives viewers a peek into their personal lives and the stories that inspire their music.

With his new album “Big Jersey 3” and the launch of “The Rap Central Show,” Arsonal da Rebel continues to solidify his position as an influential figure in the hip-hop community.

Arsonal's music is gaining popularity, and it's time to recognize his contributions to hip-hop. Don't miss out on his captivating show, “The Rap Central Show,” where he uplifts and inspires the next generation of artists.

Whether you're a long-time fan or just discovering Arsonal, this album is a must-listen. Make sure to check out Arsonal's amazing album, “Big Jersey 3”! It's available on all streaming platforms. Let his music captivate you and reignite your love for hip-hop. Get ready for an unforgettable journey with one of the most talented rappers in ! Get “Big Jersey 3” now and experience Arsonal's unique style and incredible lyrics.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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