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Artificial Intelligence in the Courtroom: The Case of Fugees Star Pras Michel

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In a groundbreaking legal case that has caught the attention of both the tech and industries, Prakazrel Pras Michel, a member of the iconic hip-hop group the Fugees, finds himself at the center of a legal and ethical storm. The issue? The use of artificial intelligence in the courtroom, specifically in the crafting of closing arguments. This case not only raises questions about the ethical use of AI in legal settings but also puts the spotlight on the potential conflicts of interest that can arise when technology and law intersect.

Background: The Main Story

Captured on April 3, 2023, Fugees' Pras Michel makes a somber entrance into the U.S. District Court in Washington, DC, where he faces trial for alleged involvement in a campaign finance conspiracy. Video by Associated Press/YouTube

The Charges and the Trial

Pras Michel, a Grammy-winning artist, was initially tried on multiple felony charges, including attempts to influence political administrations. Represented by David Kenner, a seasoned attorney with a history of high-profile cases, Michel's defense took an unconventional turn. Kenner decided to employ EyeLevelAI, an experimental artificial intelligence program, to draft the closing arguments for Michel's trial.

The Artificial Intelligence Experiment

Kenner's decision to use EyeLevelAI was not just a technological experiment but also a gamble that had severe implications for Michel's case. EyeLevelAI was touted as a revolutionary tool capable of turning “hours or days of legal work into seconds.” However, what was not disclosed was Kenner's financial stake in the AI program, raising serious questions about a conflict of interest.

The Conflict of Interest: Kenner's Financial Stake

Kenner's undisclosed financial interest in EyeLevelAI has raised eyebrows and ethical concerns. He allegedly used Michel's high-profile trial as a platform to promote this experimental AI technology. The question that looms large is: Is it ethical for a lawyer to use a client's case to advance personal financial interests, especially when it involves experimental technology?

The Fallout: Conviction and Controversy

Michel was convicted on all 10 felony charges he faced, including trying to influence the Trump administration to drop an investigation into Malaysian businessman Jho Low. The conviction has led to a public outcry, with many questioning the fairness of the trial. Michel's new legal team from ArentFox Schiff argues that because of Kenner's vested interest in the AI program, their client never had a fair chance at defense.

The Latest Update: Motion for a New Trial

Michel's Accusations Against Kenner

In a recent development, Michel has filed a motion for a new trial. He accuses his former defense attorney of using EyeLevelAI to draft his closing arguments, which he claims led to a deficient and unhelpful defense. The motion also alleges that Kenner and his co-counsel had an undisclosed financial stake in the AI program and used Michel's trial to promote it.

Potential Consequences

Michel has not been sentenced yet, but the charges could potentially put him in prison for up to 20 years. The latest update adds another layer of complexity to an already intricate case, raising questions about the ethical use of artificial intelligence in legal proceedings.

Legal and Ethical Concerns

Pras Michel and defense lawyer David Kenner arriving at federal court
Prakazrel ‘Pras' Michel, accompanied by defense lawyer David Kenner, arrives at federal court for his trial in an alleged campaign finance conspiracy on March 30, 2023. Photo by AP

The Ethical Dilemma

The case of Pras Michel serves as a cautionary tale about the ethical implications of integrating artificial intelligence into the legal system. While AI has the potential to revolutionize various sectors, including law, its application must be carefully scrutinized. Can a machine, devoid of human emotions and ethical considerations, be trusted to draft legal arguments that could decide a person's fate?

Bias and Misuse of AI

Another concern is the potential for AI to introduce bias or to be misused. Algorithms are created by humans, and they can inadvertently incorporate the biases of their creators. In a legal setting, this could have disastrous consequences, affecting the impartiality of a trial.

Precedents and Implications

This case could set a precedent for future legal proceedings involving AI. It brings to the forefront the need for clear guidelines and regulations governing the use of artificial intelligence in the courtroom. Without these, we risk venturing into ethically murky waters.

Public and Industry Reaction

Video by PowerfulJRE, discussing the fraud scheme involving Pras Michel and Jho Low.

Mixed Opinions

The case has elicited a range of reactions from both the public and experts in the legal and tech industries. Some see the use of AI as an innovative step forward, while others view it as a dangerous precedent. Legal experts have been particularly vocal, questioning the ethical boundaries that have been crossed.

Statements from Authorities

Prominent figures in the law and tech fields have weighed in on the case. While some applaud the innovative use of technology, others caution against the hasty adoption of AI in sensitive areas like legal proceedings.


Artwork depicting Pras Michel and David Kenner as half-human, half-cyborg in a cyberpunk city, highlighting the role of Artificial Intelligence in their legal case.
Image courtesy of . Artistic representation of Pras Michel and David Kenner as half-human, half-cyborg figures in a cyberpunk city.

The Significance of the Case

The case of Pras Michel raises critical questions about the ethical boundaries and responsibilities we must consider as artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives. Will this case set a precedent for future legal proceedings involving AI? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the conversation has been ignited, and it's one that we can't afford to ignore.

What Lies Ahead for Michel and AI in Law

As Michel awaits his sentence, the legal world watches with bated breath. The outcome of his motion for a new trial could have far-reaching implications, not just for him but for the future use of AI in legal settings. It's a case that has the potential to redefine ethical standards in the intersection of law and technology.


What is the AI program used in Pras Michel's case?

The AI program used was called EyeLevelAI.

Did David Kenner have a financial stake in the AI program?

Yes, it is alleged that Kenner had an undisclosed financial stake in the AI program.

What were the charges against Pras Michel?

Michel was convicted on 10 felony charges, including trying to influence the Trump administration.

What is the stance of Michel's new legal team?

Michel's new legal team argues that he did not receive fair representation due to Kenner's conflict of interest.

Could this case affect the future use of AI in legal proceedings?

Yes, this case could set a precedent for the ethical use of AI in legal settings.

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Written by: Heathcliff Spencer Peters

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