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Asian doll insults DJ Vlad before walking out of the interview

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slammed before walking out of the interview.

On Monday (February 7), Asian Doll flew to for an interview with VladTV.

Even though Vlad wasn't the one doing the interview, Asian Doll harshly criticized the former radio host's previous behavior.

The rising star walked out of the studio less than two minutes into the interview, accusing DJ Vlad of humiliating her following the death of her ex-boyfriend, .

Asian Doll would frequently speak about her ex-boyfriend King Von after his unexpected passing in the shooting accident back in November 2020.

The Dallas female rapper Asian Doll used social media to express her sadness.

Asian grieved her ex-boyfriend's death, King Von, by posting images of them together and talking about him.

was one of the bullies Asian Doll had to deal with during her grieving over Von's death, along with DJ Vlad, who had made a number of harsh remarks about her.

The Texas rapper expressed the following about DJ Vlad and her haters before the interview even began: “I ain't even gonna lie to you, bro,” Doll continued. “I just feel like a lot of people were just playing with me when Von died. A lot of people thought this shit was funny. A lot of people thought this shit was a joke. A lot of people thought that clout chasing. A lot of people were just trying to tarnish my name. A lot of people were just adding on to me grieving and shit like that. I ain't even gonna lie to you, bro, I really don't f*** with Vlad. I don't like you. I don't f*** with you. “You thought this shit was funny when my n*gga died. You mocked me with my tattoo. You made fun of my streams. You really tried to play with me, just for me to come back and be better, you feel me? None of that shit is finna go platinum. I don't f*** with Vlad. I don't f*** with you. I don't care to be here. He really can s***my d***. That's facts.”

Doll's video became viral on Monday, February 7th. The rapper was seen talking about how bad she felt and how many others “thought it was humorous and treated her grief as a joke.”

“I'll never forget how the world treated me at my lowest point in my life but it's ok these tables turning fasho right in y'all face 💯”, Asian tweeted.

While some of her followers remained by her side as she mourned the passing of King Von, not everyone was sympathetic to Doll's grief. Some others believed that the rapper was “going beyond” by getting tattoos in honor of Von.

In addition, Asian Doll has also been accused of using social media to gain status by mourning the death of King Von.

Not only did she call out DJ Vlad during the interview, but she also tweeted about it.

“SU** MY **** GOOFY,” Doll posted on , tagging DJ Vlad. “you played with my name just to come ask me to do a interview lol iight interview this ****!”, she says in the caption.

Doll's deeds were applauded by her fans, who bombarded her comment section with messages of support. They were all delighted to see the rapper taking a stance for herself. While other fans joined Asian's anger by slamming DJ Vlad on social media even more.

This wasn't the first time Asian Doll had walked out of an interview.

The brave female rapper did not allow herself to be humiliated during her interview with the amateur Fresh and Fit podcast host. WATCH FULL VIDEO

Asian Doll deserves nothing but respect for standing up for herself in these challenging times, especially on social media and in the industry.

To date, DJ Vlad has not yet responded to Asian Doll's comments.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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