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Azealia Banks Throws Shade at Beyoncé New Country Music

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On Sunday's 2024, unveiled a new direction in her career, but not everyone is cheering her on. The pop icon, known for her chart-topping R&B hits, took a turn into country music territory, dropping two new singles, “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em.” However, the unexpected pivot has stirred up controversy, with artist leading the criticism.

Banks took to social media on Monday (Feb. 12th) to express her thoughts on Beyoncé's foray into country music, particularly on Instagram. On her IG story, Banks shared her opinion, stating, “Ugh Bianca girl I love you down but them r&b runs over the leslie feist back beats is giving pickmesha… Nothing country about it.” She criticized Beyoncé's attempt to adopt a country sound, suggesting it came across as disingenuous and lacking authenticity.

Furthermore, Banks unfavorably compared Beyoncé's transition to country to that of singer K. Michelle. Banks praised K. Michelle for understanding the assignment and urged her to seize the moment, implying that Beyoncé was falling short in her attempt to infiltrate country music.

For those unfamiliar with K. Michelle, she is recognized for her contributions to R&B music. In 2021, K. Michelle made a noteworthy debut in the country music scene. Inspired by country duo The Judds, particularly their song “Love Can Build a Bridge,” K. Michelle harbored a deep admiration for the genre. Initially apprehensive about pursuing country music as a Black woman, she persisted in her dream of releasing a country record.

Responding to Banks' critique, K. Michelle took to her own social media accounts to offer support for Beyoncé while subtly defending her own place in the country music scene. She expressed her pride in being recognized within the genre and expressed admiration for Beyoncé, declaring her intention to support the superstar despite any differences in musical approach.

K. Michelle tweeted: “Why would anyone need to check on me. I'm one of the greatest African American country singers of all times with no album even out. Yall been mentioning me ALL night. I'm just happy to be spoke about in my genre. I love Bey and will be supporting her like i always do. [heart emoji's]

Beyoncé's surprise country singles, “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” were released alongside a teaser for her upcoming album, “Renaissance: Act II,” set to drop on March 29. The singles, accompanied by brief snippets of music videos showcasing Beyoncé's country-inspired looks, were made available on all streaming platforms following the Super Bowl debut.

The Complex Relationship Between Azealia Banks and Beyoncé

Notable figures such as Beyoncé are often subject to scrutiny and critique, and one individual who has not shied away from expressing dissent is rapper Azealia Banks. Their relationship has been marked by a series of public disagreements and differing perspectives, shedding light on the dynamics within the industry. Here's a closer look at the interactions between Banks and Beyoncé:

Critique of “Lemonade”: In 2016, Beyoncé released her critically acclaimed album “Lemonade,” which sparked discussions about race, feminism, and empowerment. However, Azealia Banks was among those who voiced reservations about the album's impact. She took to social media to express her belief that Beyoncé was capitalizing on social issues without actively participating in them. Banks criticized what she perceived as Beyoncé's selective engagement with political discourse, particularly when it aligned with mainstream trends.

Political Commentary: Banks further accused Beyoncé of maintaining a strategic distance from political discussions to preserve her mainstream appeal, only to embrace such themes when they gained widespread attention. This led Banks to question the authenticity of Beyoncé's activism and artistic expression. Despite the disagreement, Beyoncé chose not to engage in public discourse with Banks, opting instead to focus on her music and philanthropic endeavors.

Sampling Dispute: In 2022, Banks raised eyebrows by suggesting that she would take legal action against Beyoncé if her work were to be sampled on Beyoncé's album “Renaissance.” This statement showed Banks's commitment to protecting her artistic rights and highlighted potential conflicts that may arise between artists in the industry.

Recent Disagreements: Banks publicly criticized Beyoncé's exploration of country music, labeling it as “lazy” and raising doubts about its authenticity. However, Beyoncé, known for her discretion in responding to criticism, refrained from addressing Banks's comments directly.

The dynamic between Azealia Banks and Beyoncé is characterized by a complex interplay of differing opinions and occasional public disagreements. While Beyoncé's bold move into country music has sparked debate among fans and critics alike, it remains to be seen how the genre shift will be received by audiences. With “Renaissance: Act II” on the horizon, Beyoncé keeps shaking things up and keeping us guessing with her constantly changing sound.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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