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Azealia Banks Under Fire for Disturbing Post About the Tragic Loss of Jacky Oh

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Azealia Banks, known for her provocative statements and contentious conduct, is facing a storm of criticism following her insensitive comments regarding the untimely passing of MTV star Ms Jacky Oh. The 32-year-old loving mother of three, who was undergoing a mommy makeover procedure in Miami, tragically passed away on May 31 under circumstances that are still shrouded in mystery.

Jacky Oh was a well-loved entertainer who became famous through her appearances on MTV and her relationship with comedian DC Young Fly. They met in 2015 while Young Fly was on the show Wild ‘N Out, and their relationship blossomed, resulting in the birth of three children – Nova, Nala, and Prince. Unfortunately, it is the involving on the same show that has become relevant again in light of this tragedy.

In 2018, during a segment of Wild ‘N Out, 's roast of Azealia Banks centered around her appearance, which deeply affected her. Now, in the wake of Jacky Oh's passing, Banks took to her Instagram stories on June 7 to express her thoughts. However, her comments were far from sympathetic, as she seemed to link the tragedy to her own personal grievances, rather than offering condolences to the grieving family.

Banks' message to DC Young Fly, which has drawn significant backlash, stated, “Damn, DC Young Fly spent years disguising his own deeply rooted hatred of self as jokes pointed at women's beauty, projecting his own feelings about his own ugliness onto women perfectly secure in their own skin.” She went on to seemingly celebrate the loss, suggesting it was retribution for the insults she endured.

In her Instagram stories, Banks said that her tears were not a sign of weakness but were fueled by anger. She claimed to have won in the end.

Banks also made hurtful comments about Jacky Oh, suggesting that she was deeply insecure. She criticized DC Young Fly for calling her ugly on national television. Banks seemed happy that Jacky Oh had passed away, calling her a thorn in her side. She talked about her own talents, beauty, and blessings, saying she shouldn't be treated poorly by others.

In her message Banks also insulted the cast of Wild ‘N Out, saying they wouldn't be anything without social media. She mentioned that Jacky Oh died on her own birthday, May 31st, 2023, in Miami, Florida.

The public and fellow celebrities quickly and clearly expressed their disapproval of Banks' comments. Many criticized her for lacking empathy and found her remarks to be insensitive and heartless given the tragic circumstances. Social media has been flooded with messages of outrage, stressing the significance of showing compassion during times of sorrow.

While attention has centered on Banks, it is crucial to remember the heartbreaking loss of Jacky Oh. As investigations continue into the cause of her untimely death, speculation looms over the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. The focus should remain on honoring her memory, offering support to her loved ones, and allowing space for grief rather than engaging in divisive discussions.

In the coming days, the community will surely come together to support those affected by this tragic loss. Hopefully, the true cause of Jacky Oh's passing will be revealed, bringing closure and understanding to her family and loved ones. During such difficult times, it is important to show empathy, stand united, and cherish our loved ones by offering support.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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