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Benzino Prepared To Puts His Life On The Line Over Transgender Lover Rumors

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Shauna Brooks has gone after , exposing recordings of her interaction with Benzino

The entire ordeal started last week when a recorded conversation between Benzino and transgender model Shauna Brooks was leaked on social media.

Benzino claimed that the recording had been heavily edited to make him look bad.

Therefore, Zino expressed his displeasure with the situation publicly on social media, while rapper 50 Cent took the opportunity to mock Zino about the whole thing.

Shauna Brooks has gone after Benzino, exposing recordings of her interaction with him on the internet.

Blogger and Radio Personality Ken Barbie shared some of the leaked recordings between Zino and Brooks.

Ken Barbie tweeted: “In these exclusive videos, Benzino admits his attraction and desire for more with Shauna, but became infuriated with her when it got the point that she wanted to take things public because he felt people would look at him crazy (THREAD)”

The transgender model claims that she isn't trying to shame Zino or his sexual interests, but rather prefers to put her relationship in the spotlight rather than keep their connection hidden. 

After the video was released, Benzino shared screenshots of his private messages with Brooks. These messages suggested that he would hunt down Brooks for leaking the private conversations.

Zino threatened Brooks with the following tweets: This person has crossed a dangerous line and I've already accepted that at 56 years old I will die now or go to jail for the rest of my life over my name, reputation, and legacy. This weirdo mf is playing with y'all, not me. He/she still hasn't said that we never met in person.”

In a series of threats aimed at those who dared to spread the rumors, Benzino threatened “to go to prison for the rest of my life. I'm not playing games.”

Not only Brooks but Bloggers and YouTubers who circulated the rumors about him and the transgender model were also targeted by Benzino.

In a now-deleted tweets series, Benzino tweeted: “Anybody and I mean anybody who had written a blog or on YouTube tryna make money off of this is about to be sued, this internet will get someone killed for real, and know this, on my mother I dare a mf to say something IN PERSON to me about this false bs, I will put two in your face, continue with my day or night and call my lawyer to make sure he's on point with my bail situation, get bailed go to trial and what happens happens.”

Then Zino went on to say more: “I will go to jail for the rest of my life over this. I've lived a great life and will sleep good knowing that I defended my name honor, reputation & legacy. Idgaf about you commenting on here, this is a safe place for cowards and p**, I'm really outside and never in my life had security. I'm not into chicks with d** or gay men, if that's what y'all like then that's y'all.”

Benzino's raving on social media eventually escalated into a verbal abuse outburst against the LGBTQ community: “If you say something going against the LGBTQ community they rally and raise hell but when these ‘transformers' lie and try and trick straight men nobody from the LGBTQ community say anything. So when they get found behind a dumpster with 2 in the face you shouldn't say anything.”

In addition, Zino wrote: “If you had any sense at all you would notice every time the ‘transformer' says anything it's always ‘people' or ‘men' or ‘they'. It's never ‘Benzino' ‘him' or ‘he'. Like I said I'm not playing with anyone. You come in my physical space with any of this, your family's burying u.”

Before shifting his attention to Brooks, Zino expressed his intention to go to jail over the matter: “I'm willing to my sacrifice the rest of my moments left I have and make a cell my home or even die my honor, I hope you feel the same way. Oh yea, God will understand because he ain't with that transformer s** anyway. So I'll still get to see my mother.”

Benzino's tweets went on and on expressing his regret for speaking with Brooks on the phone, saying he should've never done so.

The following tweet was posted by Brooks on April 21: “He said if I had any ‘sense' but just last week didn't the ppl say you & your alleged ‘male friend' CAVARIO ain't have enough CENTS to pay the Red Roof Inn. Yet, talkin bout you got a legal team to make sure you're on point with bail, while you PUBLICLY THREATEN me… OK DADDY”

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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