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Benzino Vulnerable Moment: Cryfest on Drink Champs Over Eminem Beef

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In a recent episode of the popular Drink Champs podcast, , former CEO and co-owner of The Source magazine, found himself in a vulnerable moment as he opened up about his longstanding feud with rap icon Eminem. Hosted by and DJ EFN, the podcast is known for its candid discussions fueled by alcohol, but Benzino's emotional outpouring took center stage during this particular episode.

Throughout the interview, Benzino delved into various topics, including his revived with Eminem. However, as the conversation heated up, so did the emotions. In a moment of raw vulnerability, Benzino broke down in tears, revealing the intensity of his emotions toward his longtime rival.

With over two decades of animosity between them, Benzino didn't hold back, expressing his frustration and resentment towards Eminem. He criticized Eminem's impact on hip-hop and questioned his authenticity within the . “F*ck Eminem,” Benzino declared, expressing his disdain for the rap icon.

Referencing Eminem's absence at 's funeral and his perceived disconnect from the black community, Benzino's grievances poured out. He questioned Eminem's credibility and accused his fans of favoring him simply because his white.

In late January, Benzino fired back at Eminem's jabs on “Doomsday Pt.2” with his track “Rap Elvis,” a sequel to “Vulturius” released earlier in the month. Despite hinting that he's moved on from rap, Benzino kept up the attack with “Rap Elvis,” claiming Eminem was only seeking attention by going after him. Despite trying several times to get Eminem to respond, Benzino's efforts seemed to be fruitless.


“I dusted Eminem! ‘Rap Elvis' bitch, how about that. How come he ain't answering me? I beat the shit out of him with these,” Benzino said during the podcast.

When asked Benzino: Eminem or ? Benzino replied: “F*ck Eminem … f*ck both of them bro. will kill Eminem in a battle rap. Why do y'all give Eminem so much props? Why do y'all like him? Cuz he's white? Is that it? We don't listen to that in the hood.”

As the alcohol continued to flow, Benzino's emotions reached a tipping point, leading to a tearful confession about his daughter, Coi Leray, and the challenges they faced in the industry.

“Come on, man, my daughter came into the industry thinking, ‘I gotta be cool with Eminem because everybody's against my dad.' You think this is cool?” Benzino said, while tears streaming down his face.


In a plea for reconciliation, Benzino expressed a desire to resolve his issues with Eminem through dialogue and mutual understanding. “All me and Eminem got to do is sit down and talk with each other,” he asserted, expressing the need for communication and reconciliation.

However, the vulnerability displayed by Benzino on the podcast also raised concerns about the impact of alcohol-fueled interviews on an artist's reputation. While the podcast provides entertainment for viewers, it also exposes guests to potential scrutiny and backlash, particularly when emotions run high.

As Benzino's emotional revelations spread across social media, he once again becomes the focus of public scrutiny. While some may poke fun at his display of emotions, others acknowledge the complexities of his circumstances and the hurdles he encounters in managing his turbulent connection with Eminem.

In hip-hop, where conflicts and rivalries steal the spotlight, Benzino's emotional outpouring shows us the real feelings hidden behind fame. It's unclear if his call for peace will be heeded, but one thing's for sure: the drama between Benzino and Eminem is nowhere near its end.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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