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Big Gipp Criticizes DJ Khaled’s Claim As “The Best” In Recent Interview

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Atlanta-based rapper Big Gipp has recently shared his candid views about , one of the most popular and successful producers in the industry today. In a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue, Gipp shared his thoughts on Khaled's production style and the role he plays in the music industry.

While acknowledging Khaled's success, Gipp noted that he values artists who have a more hands-on approach to creating music. In the interview, he pointed out T-Pain as an example of an artist who truly understands the craft of writing, producing, and singing songs.

Gipp said that 's ability to put together hit after hit is what he truly admires. He also shared that T-Pain played a pivotal role in his own career, as he was the one who gave him a hook that helped launch his own music career.

The Southern rapper questioned Khaled‘s claim of being the best in the industry, pointing out that he doesn't write hooks or produce tracks. Instead, he said that Khaled produces records the way a record company would. He also expressed his skepticism about Khaled's ability to perform without the help of other artists.


Gipp's criticism of Khaled's music production style and his role in the industry has sparked debate among music fans. While some agree with Gipp's views, others believe that Khaled's success speaks for itself and that he has made a significant contribution to the industry.

DJ Khaled, who is known for his collaborations with some of the biggest names in the music industry, has not responded to Gipp's comments. It remains to be seen whether he will address the issue or simply move on.

In the meantime, 's own music career continues to thrive. The Southern rapper recently released a collaborative EP with James Worthy entitled “Gipp N Worthy” on February 17, 2023. The EP takes listeners on a musical adventure through the ups and downs of love, relationships, and life, featuring five incredible tracks that blend soulful singing with classic hip-hop beats. And to make it even better, the EP also features a special appearance from the popular R&B group 112.


Big Gipp is no stranger to the music industry himself, having been part of the influential Southern rap group Goodie Mob in the 1990s. He has continued to make music throughout his career and has collaborated with numerous other artists over the years.

The comments about DJ Khaled have highlighted the different perspectives that exist within the music industry. While some value a more hands-on approach to creating music, others believe that success can be achieved through collaborations and the right connections. It will be interesting to see how this debate plays out in the months and years to come.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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