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Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis’s Parenting Skills Under Investigation

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Social media sensation Blueface is catching heat from the law and getting a serious side-eye from child services because of videos that show his little one in what looks like a sketchy setup. Deputies have been dropping by 's crib near LA a whole bunch lately, and it's got folks seriously worried about the safety of his kids.

The most serious that prompted police intervention was when Blueface posted a video in which he can be seen asking his son about his sexual orientation while exotic dancers performed nearby. This video quickly caught the attention of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), which initiated an investigation. Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Blueface's residence as a result.

The investigation was launched following the release of this controversial footage.

What's really standing out in this situation is the no-show when it comes to cooperating with child protection services. Word has it that when deputies rolled up to his crib, nobody was picking up the phone or opening the door.

Meanwhile, Blueface was spotted riding around town, recording himself and pointing fingers at Chrisean, claiming that she made allegations about her high school experiences with her godfather.

Blueface stated, “I know Chrisean and everybody around Chrisean, including her godparent, and she had told me that one time when she was in “high school”, around that time, she was trying some drugs and that her grandparent made a move on her.”

He further expressed his concerns about leaving their 6-day-old child in the care of people Chrisean had allegedly accused of misconduct. Blueface “appeared stressed and perplexed” by the situation. He questioned Chrisean's credibility, suggesting that she has a history of making false allegations against those who have supported her throughout her life.

Blueface is “allegedly” worried because these individuals aren't Chrisean's family by blood; rather, they are folks she probably got to know during her “high school” days. This has led him to question the validity of her accusations and how they might affect their child's welfare.

The rapper has been voicing doubts about whether Rock, is fit to look after their kid, Chrisean Jr. The situation has escalated into a public feud between the two parents, with their personal issues spilling onto social media. This ongoing drama has been trending on platforms like , bringing their children's well-being into question.

Blueface was already dropping hints about snatching custody of his kid before Chrisean even had the baby. In return, Chrisean straight-up promised she'd pull out all the stops to keep Blueface away from their child. This feud has turned seriously toxic, with both parents ready to pull any trick in the book to come out on top in this custody showdown.

's strategy seems to involve capitalizing on the of Blueface's six-year-old son being exposed to exotic dancers while his father questioned his sexuality.

In addition to the viral video incident, other calls have been made to the police regarding activities at Blueface's residence. Noise complaints due to loud and disturbances related to barking dogs have been added to the list of reasons law enforcement has visited his home.

Amidst the ongoing video controversy that has already garnered significant attention, a new and concerning video has emerged online, offering insight into the life of Jaidyn Alexis, Blueface's current partner and the mother of his kids. This video depicts a troubling scene in which Jaidyn seems to be visibly intoxicated, sitting on a couch with their 3-year-old child nearby. In the video, Blueface can also be seen holding and smoking a marijuana blunt in the presence of the child.

What intensifies the concerns raised by this video is Jaidyn's nonchalant response when discussing the placement of Chrisean's baby, casually remarking, “in the back.” These videos offer a troubling glimpse into the environment where their children are growing up, characterized by questionable parenting practices such as alcohol and substance use, heated arguments, the use of profanity, and smoking in the presence of their young ones.

The County Department of Children and Family Services isn't dishing out details on individual cases, but they're making it clear that the safety and well-being of every child in the county is their top concern. As the investigation keeps chugging along, we'll have to wait and see how this messy situation will impact the custody and upbringing of Blueface's kids and Chrisean Rock's child.

isn't quite nailing the whole motherhood thing, and there's yet another video making the rounds that shows Blueface's six-year-old son desperately asking his dad not to leave. Blueface reassures him with, “I'll only be gone for an hour; it won't hurt” However, the heartbreaking moment comes when the child says, “My moma is going to hurt me.”

And the above video was not the only time; another video surfaced on the internet with the same scenario. In this video, Blueface has to leave again, and the child starts crying, pleading with him not to go because, as he puts it, “mom is going to be mean.” The recurring nature of these is raising serious concerns about the child's well-being and the parenting situation.

Amid all this craziness, one thing's super clear: their kid's safety comes first, way before their online feuds and social media showdowns. Blueface ain't exactly snagging any “Dad of the Year” awards anytime soon.

For Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis's rap game, well, not everyone's vibing with it, if you catch my drift.

In terms of his personal life, he's had his fair share of ups and downs. But hey, if there's one thing he's a total pro at, it's stirring the pot on social media and throwing punches in the boxing ring. That's where he really shines. In the grand scheme of things, what matters most is that their child lands in a stable and loving environment amidst all the craziness swirling around their parents' lives.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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