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Blueface Beat The Shit Out Of Chrisean Rock

todayOctober 30, 2022 56317 2211

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Chrisean Rock‘s fans were shocked to hear about the abuse she suffered at the hands of Blueface.

The Bady Girl posted a video to social media that shows her face all up by the beating of . In the video, she cries as she was confronting the rapper.

In the video, you can hear her saying: “B*tch you punched me in my mouth, you punched me in my eye. You is a b*tch.”

Rock went on saying: You bust my lip and give me a black eye. You being weird you is acting like a bitch.”

While she is crying in the video she showed the internet her busted lip and nose.

The internet has been expressing their opinions about this relationship for years now and we know how toxic it isβ€”but maybe now more than ever it's time to listen to what they have to say because no one deserves this kind of treatment from someone who claims to love them.

user Todd Anthony said: “Blueface really out here using Chrisean for a check. He's controlling her money and career and Zeus Network needs to be held accountable and help her gain independence instead of just allowing it to happen!”

Harold Corderall on Twitter expressed his opinion by saying: “I have no words for Chrisean and Blueface. It's easy to say what you'll do in a situation until you're actually in that situation but I really want her to wake up and realize the road being in this r'ship (that serves no purpose) is leading her down before it's too late.”

The two have been dating for a while now, but their relationship has never been stable. They've repeatedly accused each other of cheating and had frequent altercationsβ€”fights over disagreements or misunderstandings.

The whole internet has seen what is going on in this relationship and it is unhealthy. Everyone is worried about Chrisean. It can end very badly and we all just see it happening!

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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