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Blueface Calls Out NLE Choppa for Backing Out of Boxing Match

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The anticipated boxing match between and seems to be on shaky ground as the two artists exchange heated words and accusations on social media. Blueface, known for his confrontational demeanor, took to social media to call out NLE Choppa for allegedly backing down from the proposed match.

Blueface, never one to mince words, took to social media to express his frustration with NLE Choppa, accusing him of backing out of their proposed boxing match. In a video that quickly circulated online, Blueface claimed, “I'm done with all y'all rappers, y'all are scared of me. I already see NLE got cold feet… he talked to his mommy.”

Blueface kept roasting NLE Choppa for throwing negotiations into the mix, joking that NLE Choppa might be trying to score a Honda Civic out of the deal. He called into question the realness of NLE Choppa's hesitance to get physical and couldn't believe the sudden change in attitude.

The “Thotiana” rapper went on to suggest that NLE Choppa's decision might be influenced by outside opinions, speculating, “His mommy was like, I don't think it's a good idea, and he was probably like yeah, you're right. I kind of got my ass kicked on camera about three or four times already.”

Blueface didn't hold back, expressing his frustration with what he perceived as unnecessary negotiation tactics. “You talking about negotiation? What, you want a Honda Civic? We know what that means. You're going to outprice yourself … Now, just say you don't want to squabble up.”

Adding a touch of humor to his critique, the rapper then delved into personal aspects of NLE Choppa's lifestyle, poking fun at his dietary choices, referring to him as a “Muslim and a vegan.” Blueface insinuated that these factors somehow made NLE Choppa conflicted and unable to commit to a physical confrontation.

However, NLE Choppa quickly hit back at Blueface's claims, saying he's not scared and calling out Blueface for trying to get clout. Choppa argued that Blueface put out a fake flyer for the fight without the right approval, just to grab attention and make some money. “Blueface posted a fake flyer that has never been approved by nothing,” NLE Choppa stated.

In his response video, NLE Choppa addressed the experience gap between them, acknowledging that Blueface had been involved in boxing for several years, while he was still a novice with zero experience. He stressed the need for proper training and prep, saying he's not up for a fight without enough time to build up his skills.

The rapper called out Blueface for attempting to manipulate the situation and called the whole situation a clout-chasing move. He's annoyed at the whole public drama and the fake fight flyer that's spreading false info.

On his X page NLE Choppa tweeted: “A fake flyer get posted, I speak on it and I say the fight should be set up properly with enough time to train and I'm scared vs the mane posting fake flyer knowing imma say what I said to manipulate it as if I'm running or ducking you. N**ga a crip Narcissist.”

Addressing the accusations of fear, NLE Choppa clarified, “I'm not scared of you, and I'm not a dumb n**ga. I know I got still to learn for even me to put a foot in the ring.” He accused Blueface of manipulating the situation for clout and emphasized his lack of interest in a mere spectacle.

Letting y'all know, NLE Choppa is down for a fight, but he's saying it's gotta be done right. He needs time to train and get ready. He's telling Blueface to drop the online drama and focus on organizing a real boxing match.

The boxing match between Blueface and NLE Choppa appears to be on hold, with both artists exchanging verbal jabs through social media. Whether they'll eventually settle their differences in the ring or if this feud will fizzle out remains to be seen. The hip-hop community continues to watch, intrigued by the twists and turns of this unexpected clash between two prominent figures in the rap game.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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