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Blueface Faces Backlash for Date with Jaidyn while Chrisean Rock Shines in the Spotlight

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Blueface, the popular rapper, made headlines once again after taking his baby mama, , on a date following his breakup with . The outing generated a significant buzz on social media, with users expressing their opinions about the couple's actions.

During their date, decided to capture some moments on video. However, one particular recording sparked a heated discussion among social media users. The video showed Jaidyn Alexis in a parking lot, engaging in a private activity. Some users criticized Blueface for disregarding Jaidyn's privacy and sharing the footage online.

One user shared the footage and wrote: “While CHRISEAN out here living her best life with stars. Jaidyn Alexis is pissing in the parking lot of a nightclub with BLUEFACE!!”

Another Twitter user expressed their disappointment in Jaidyn's actions, stating, “This girl is so delusional! She really thinks Blueface gon take her ass back, when he's doing it all just to make Chrisean jealous. Plus, the fact he exposed her while peeing certifies the fact that he don't care about his bm “privacy”. It's really sad to be honest.”

While Blueface was spending time with his baby mama, Chrisean Rock was brought on stage by Glorilla during a performance. Despite being pregnant, Chrisean didn't hesitate to showcase her dance moves, twerking and having the time of her life in front of the cheering crowd.

Meanwhile, social media was abuzz with even more footage of Blueface and his date. In a video shared by Blueface himself, Jaidyn was seen lying on the floor, clearly inebriated, while Blueface recorded the scene. The video sparked further criticism and concern from online users, who expressed disappointment in Blueface's actions and emphasized the importance of respect and responsible behavior, especially when it comes to the well-being of one's child's mother.

A concerned Twitter user expressed their thoughts on the matter, stating: “This is embarrassing. She is your child's mother, you should never want her to be seen in this kinda light. Have more respect please.”

Social media fans continue to share their opinion: “If this is how you treat your main I'd hate to be the main. She is someone's mother. This is distasteful. Never speak on her being better than Chrisean again lol.”

Meanwhile, fans and supporters of Chrisean Rock continue to rally behind her, offering words of encouragement and expressing their unwavering support. One fan shared a video capturing Chrisean, visibly pregnant, in a prayerful moment. The fan captioned the video with heartfelt words, saying, “Lord have mercy. I hope Chrisean Rock gets the help she needs, and I also hope she finds a way to dump Blueface forever.” This display of support shows love and solidarity towards Chrisean as she navigates through challenging circumstances.

The pattern that emerges from Blueface's relationships is a cause for concern. When girls enter into relationships with him, it often leads to negative outcomes where they experience embarrassment and humiliation. Some find themselves in situations involving alcohol or other unpleasant circumstances. These raise important questions about the dynamics and well-being within Blueface's relationships.

Amid all the things happening with Blueface and his “Blue Girls”, his actions have caused a lot of strong reactions online. People are talking a lot about Blueface recording Jaidyn and how Chrisean has shown strength in tough times. As these individuals go through their own experiences, let's hope they grow, find understanding, and work things out in a positive way.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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