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Blueface Puts His Mom On Blast For Talking About Him On Social Media

todayAugust 9, 2022 313610 1512

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It's been a rough week for rapper Blueface, who's had to deal with his mother, Klarissa Saffold, publicly stating that she thinks he's prostituting his girlfriend Chrisean Rock.

Saffold took to Instagram storie to vent her frustrations with her son and his relationship with Chrisean. She stated that she felt sorry for the girl and that she thought she was being taken advantage of by her son and all of his friends. She also said that she thought Bobby Brown wasn't really in love with Whitney Houston when they were together—and therefore neither was Chrisean in love with .

“Dam the whole family prostituting this poor girl. Now I feel bad for real. Y'all sent this girl back here knowing she's in harm's way! I bet there is nothing about the next episode from none of y'all. Because y'all sent y'all most pride possession back after seeing her get socked out. That girl is old enough to know that's not love. Bobby didn't love Whitney either. They see a couple of dollars and think that's love.”

Blueface mother continued saying that she was “the attention” and that they should be grateful for her. Saffold also mentioned that she would fight for what she want until “the bougie man or woman is gone.”

“I said what I said. I am the attention. Be grateful. Get tired all you want but I fight for mine until the bougie man or woman is gone. I'll be right every single day about mine! You better ask them about me. I give less than a dam about his fans or the comments. So keep the algorithm coming.”

In response to his mother's allegations, Blueface responded with a post saying that he doesn't even know the woman he once called “mom.” He also said that she wasn't allowed to see her grandchildren because of how much time she spent on social media.

Blueface posted: “None my mom say is true. I don't even know that lady anymore. I lost her to the internet she just want to be known to get her hair done for free. She ain't even aloud to see her grandkids cuz she lost herself to instagram an nobody want to be ina mix with her.”

In response to her son's post, Saffold replied: “Son you lost your mom the day you let that woman disrespect me and then kick me in my head while you videotaped it. You lost everything that day you just haven't accepted it yet. You're done. You had one job and that was to open the gate for those of us who earned it. You couldn't even do that. You were never the one! You were only the gatekeeper. I'll take it from here.”


This isn't the first time that Saffold has talked about her son's relationship with Chrisean. In fact, this is only one of many times that she has posted about it online.

Saffold has also been vocal about how Blueface refuses to take responsibility for his family and instead chooses to focus on himself—despite the fact that she and the family have always been there for him, even before his fame.

In the following 5 minutes video, Blueface's mother expressed herself saying: “I'm here to ask mister Blueface if he lost me to the internet. What's the excuse about your dad? Where's your dad at? When was the last time you checked on your grandparents? If it's about my hair getting done and that's all you have to complain about after all I've done for you and worked in that restaurant. Shame shame on you.”

“Where are the people that were on your team when you started? Sinds you started as a soldier, you don't have any of your soldiers behind you. You don't have any of your players with you. You lost us all to the internet son? That's your excuse ?”

Saffold continued saying: “You let this woman get on there and claim to be kicking your child out of your house? Have I ever put a man before any of y'all…ever? Would I ever allow this type of behavior? I'm not allowed to see my grandkids?

“You not allowed to take them nowhere son. You have to have supervised visits with their mother because of the type of person you running around here with”: she continued.

“I want you to take a deep look on this internet tonight at yourself and all those people that I just named and ask yourself did you lose them to the internet too?”

“Now I'm gonna continue to pray for you and continue to try to love you but you are not making it easy.”


Blueface's girlfriend, Chrisean, has responded to the rapper's mother while being drunk.

In the video, Chrisean responded: “I was going to stay out of this but I just really need to make this clear because I think you're like delusional: “she said.

After drinking a whole bottle of Hennesey Blueface girl went on saying: “You start with the mother. You're not loving you like a weirdo. My mother don't do this kind of s**. She don't do Instagram none of that. Like my family don't do Instagram . None of that.”

“You're not really family to him and the only reason why you left after you got beat up was because I wasn't going anyway. Why are you doing this? It's gonna be really sad when you can't ever get your son back”: she said.

“If you really love him you would have pulled up and talked to him like a real woman. Instead of that Instagram stuff, exploiting his business. Lying to his name makes it worse for him. It is like you don't care shorty.”

Written by: Silvia Tine

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