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Blueface’s Side Chick Bonnie Lashay with Unexpected Pregnancy News

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Despite being incarcerated, rapper finds himself at the center of yet another controversy, this time involving a woman who previously asserted herself as his side chick and now claims to be pregnant with his child.

On Thursday, February 15th, Bonnie Lashay, a former cast member of Blue Girls Club, a show produced by the rapper, took to Instagram to share a photo hinting at a significant development in her life. Lashay, who initially connected with Blueface after being cast as a dancer in one of his videos, revealed what appears to be an early-stage baby bump in the image.

Accompanying the photo was a caption: ‘I'm Nervous [blue-heart emoji, shooting-star emoji, circus-tent emoji] blue face baby [nursing bottle emoji] Stay Tuned.' This post has sparked speculation among fans about the nature of Lashay's relationship with Blueface and the possibility of her pregnancy

Adding fuel to the fire, Lashay set the tone by playing her own track “That's My Daddy,” a song riddled with references to Blueface's complex romantic entanglements, including two confirmed children with and , the latter being the subject of recent viral attention due to a facial tattoo bearing the rapper's likeness.


Chrisean Rock made headlines with her daring tattoo of Blueface on her cheek, causing a stir online. Not to be outdone, Lashay jumped on the trend, going even bigger by tattooing the rapper's face on her rear end, stirring up even more talk about their connection.

Lashay posted the video on her Instagram page along with the following caption: Got His Face Tatted Where He Love To Put His Face At [blue-heart emoji's] I Love blue Soo Much [shooting-star emoji] A&F [blue-heart emoji] Should I Do His Face On My Face Next ???”

Lashay has been making a lot of noise on social media lately, not holding back at all when it comes to talking about her relationship with the rapper, especially since he got locked up.


During a juicy Instagram Live session, Lashay spilled the tea about her and Blueface, confidently declaring herself as his ‘number one girl'. She even went as far as chatting with Blueface's mom, , and even asked her out for lunch, showing she's definitely part of the rapper's crew.

However, Blueface's crew quickly shut down Lashay's claims, calling her delusional and denying any romantic ties between her and the rapper. Blueface hasn't said anything about it himself.

Speculation mounts regarding the authenticity of Lashay's declarations, with many questioning the motives behind her sudden revelations. Given Blueface's penchant for orchestrating online drama and his prolonged absence from social media due to incarceration, some suggest a calculated move to maintain relevance and generate buzz in his absence.


Chrisean Rock has straight-up admitted to using social media to make money, showing how likes and comments directly translate to cash in the bank. Now that Blueface isn't as active online, there's more pressure to do something wild to stay in the spotlight, which makes you wonder what 's really up to.

Rock's comments about how drama pays shows why people like her might stir up trouble online. In the world of social media, where everyone's trying to be famous and make money, getting attention and cash often matters more than being real. This makes many wonder if what Lashay's saying is even true.

Fans and followers of the rapper are curious about what's next for Blueface and everyone caught up in his chaotic life. Keep an eye out for more updates as the drama keeps rolling.

How Long Will Blueface Remain Incarcerated?

Blueface's time behind bars is set to continue until July 2th of 2024. The rapper, whose legal troubles have garnered significant attention, finds himself incarcerated after violating the terms of his probation.


Why Is Blueface in Jail?

The rapper's current time behind bars started after his court appearance on January 12, 2024. He was arrested for breaking the terms of his probation, which were set after an in 2021.

The Incident:

In November 2021, Blueface and two other individuals were arrested in connection with a violent altercation at a nightclub in . Allegations suggest that the trio engaged in a brutal assault against a bouncer, with footage capturing the disturbing attack. The video footage depicted the men stomping, kicking, and punching the doorman, resulting in felony assault charges. Additionally, one of the assailants was accused of stealing a chain from the victim, leading to a felony robbery charge.

The severity of the incident, coupled with Blueface's probation violation, has resulted in his extended stay behind bars, with a release date not expected until July 2, 2024.

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