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Boosie Badazz Addresses R. Kelly’s 30-Year Jail Sentence: “It Was Not A Fair Sentence”

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R. Kelly's sentencing to 30 years in prison has stirred up a lot of emotions around the country, and some artists are speaking out about it.

Boosie Badazz is one of those artists. He spoke out on social media about the singer's 30-year prison sentence for sexual abuse, saying that the punishment was too harsh and unjust.

On June 30 spoke out about Kelly's sentence with the following tweet: “People getting 15/20 years for murder n he gets 30!! Yes, he was wrong af for manipulating young girls n sexing them but he didn't kill anyone, aggravated rape anyone. N no blame on the parents who knew everything. Restentece this man!! College professors get probation for this shit.”

In reference to his earlier tweet, Boosie said: “Get this man some help n some jail time but don't give him a death sentence, 30 years!! Maybe he can one get out one day n warn these young girls about older predators n make a difference? But 30 years like Come on world!!

On the day R. Kelly received his 30-year prison sentence Boosie Badazz shared a video of himself singing along to R. Kelly's song “When a Woman Loves.” He wrote: “U was my boy I ain't changing #freekells best ever dude got 30 n ain't nobody go say Free him smh u know how many people was made to his frfr”

Many fans came out in support of Boosie's statement, while others were critical of his comments. The rapper responded with an Instagram video.

“Y'all saying I need to shut up ‼️No YALL need to wake up. If u black with money you will be crucified By the system #resentencethisman 30 years frfr I'm waitin on y'all come back‼️if u go give him 30 yearsthese judges need to be locked up who giving these white people probation for worser crimes ‼️stop running from the truth black people stop tearing each down smh yeah he messed up liking young girls yes he did but Elvis married a 14 year old ‼️If Elvis got 30 years for fucking underage girls n they Mamas was n on it ,those white fans would be at Washington DC marching for a resentencing ‼️stop tearing each other down n look at the facts. It was not a fair sentence”

Kelly's former assistant Diana Copeland, a government witness who testified, claimed she submitted a letter in Kelly's defense because it was the “right thing to do.”

“God doesn't want us to throw humans away,” Copeland wrote. “If we have the audacity to care for the perpetrators as well as the victims, we can all rise.”

Joycelyn Savage who is now revealed to be engaged to Kelly, and was viewed as the singer's victim by the prosecution, is still one of R. Kelly's supporters.

“Robert and I are deeply in love and it breaks my heart that the government has created a narrative that I'm a victim,” Savage wrote. “I'm a grown woman, and can speak for myself which is why I wanted to provide this letter to the court.”

R Kelly Sues NYC Prison, “Cruel And Unusual Punishment”

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York has been accused of torturing R. Kelly by placing him on suicide watch despite his denials that Kelly has no intentions of hurting himself.

Kelly claims to be receiving unfair treatment at the correctional facility. He claims that despite his denials that he plans to harm himself, he has been refused access to basic hygiene products like toilet paper and a razor, as well as placed on a suicide watch.

In addition, Kelly claims that prisoners under suicide watch are denied access to mental health services, which he views as an extra kind of punishment.

According to reports, the R&B singer is suing the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York for damages and psychological trauma.

The Department of Corrections responded to R. Kelly's accusations by releasing the following statement to TMZ: “The BOP is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all inmates in our population, our staff, and the public. Humane treatment of the men and women in our custody is a top priority.”

The 55-year-old R&B singer was found guilty in September by a New York jury of criminal racketeering and sex trafficking counts stemming from his attempts over time to use his notoriety to lure young women he sexually abused.

US district judge Ann Donnelly handed out the sentence on Wednesday, June 29 at the federal court in Brooklyn after hearing testimony from witnesses who described the effects of Kelly's manipulation on their own lives.

The court was urged by the prosecution to sentencing the 55-year-old singer to more than 25 years in prison, while Kelly's defense counsel argued for 10 years or less, claiming that the prosecution's proposal was “tantamount to a life sentence.”

During the trial, victims gave testimony about how R. Kelly drove them to have vile thoughts when they were youngsters. He allegedly insisted that they strictly follow rules, including requesting his permission before eating or using the bathroom and drafting “apology letters” that were intended to exonerate him of any misbehavior.

As US District Court Judge Ann Donnelly began pronouncing Kelly's punishment, the victims who had been abused by the singer gathered in a circle and prayed.

Kelly disputes his role in sex trafficking despite being found guilty. Following the sentencing, the singer's attorney Jennifer Bonjean declared they will appeal the verdict during a news conference.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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