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Boosie Badazz’s Daughter Slams Father with Harsh Words!

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Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz, finds himself at the center of a family storm as his 16-year-old daughter, Toriana Hatch, known as Tori Pressure on social media, publicly vents her frustration towards her father. The things Tori said on social media showed that is going through tough times in his personal and work life.

On July 15th (2023) Tori upset with her father, unleashed a series of disrespectful and angry messages toward her father on Instagram. She shared how Boosie confiscated the car he had previously gifted her, which left her feeling angered and disrespected. Tori's frustration seemed to stem from the fact that she had left town to support her mother after a serious car accident, only to have her car taken away upon her return.

Using her Instagram story as a platform, Tori expressed her frustration with her father's actions. She wrote, “Who gives their daughter a car…Take it back…On top of that, give her a color she doesn't even like because you're not ‘father' enough to remember the little things about your own daughter. N**ga took the car back just because I left from Atlanta to help my mom, who damn near lost her life in a car wreck…But that's y'all favorite rapper, though. I can really run it how he's a bitch, n**ga doesn't want me to air it out!”

In her emotional posts, Tori questioned her father's role as a dad, stating that he did not deserve the title. She expressed that she no longer wanted to be associated with him and asked fans to refrain from labeling her as “Boosie's daughter.” Tori also got mad at Boosie because he wasn't around for her. She said he only acted like a dad on social media and didn't really care about her.

Tori's message reads: “And that's not my daddy, he doesn't deserve the title! If you're a fan or support him, GTF OFF MY PAGE, I DONT FUK AROUND. Everytime I try to give this n**ga the benefit of the doubt or give him a chance to be a dad, he fuk it up. So yeah, that's no longer my father, dad, da, daddy, allat sh*t dead! Don't label me as no ‘Boosie's daughter,' fuk a n**ga!”

Boosie's daughter's messages kept flowing as she dismissed the opinions of others, stating, “Idc about allat “youn needa post this” .. “ppl want to see you down” whoot the whoot, nun of that phase me because ok yes I'm mad because that was my car but its the fact n**ga never had a father to be one so IG I understand, but still don't front on social media or to ppl like you the father of the year cause you not! It's n**as with no money and a better father then you.”

Her frustration continued to pour out in subsequent posts. She wrote, “Don't no HOE run in my blood, my momma blood run all through me like she damn near made me herself! Torence just a sperm donor that aint my father. Don't act like 1 never did, only acted like 1 when he knew props was going to be given OR just for social media! Ole social media loving ass. I hate n**as.”

The teenager's anger didn't stop there. Tori continued her online tirade, dismissing her father's financial status and materialistic gestures, stating that she was disappointed with herself for giving him another chance to be a dad. She made it clear that Boosie's actions had deeply hurt her, asserting that his behavior had no place in her life.

The IG messages continued: “I never was big on him having a money or materialistic shit so him being a “loss”, is NOTHING to me. He been a bitch and gon stay a bitch. REALLY mad at myself for giving him another chance to be a dad. He a HO and gon stay a Ho, that's why he'll never be labeled as my “FATHER” cause don't no HOE RUN IN MY BLOOD FUK WRONG.”

Tori's frustration seemed unrelenting as she criticized her father's priorities. She posted two pictures, one with a pink car and the other with a dark blue car, and captioned them, “N**ga wanted me to ride around in a ol'bubble gum ass car and got mad cause I changed it, bitch it aint my fault you got homophobia!!”

Adding fuel to the fire, Tori continued her tirade by stating, “N**ga gives his bitch the world and can't even support his own kid! Ole tender dik, loves stunting for the gram a** n**ga! I could really air booku shit out, but I'm gonna be humble, lol, before I tarnish a n**ga career.”

After her series of angry posts aimed at her father, Boosie, Tori Pressure wrapped up her social media outburst with a surprising message of blessings and carefully chosen Bible verses. She shared some pictures of herself and wrote, “That was the last post. Im blessed and gon stay blessed. Ian Boosie daughter, im gods daughter! Deuteronomy 28:7 says, ‘The Lord will make sure your enemies who rise against you are defeated. They will come against you one way and run away from you seven ways.'”

Along with sharing multiple messages, Tori took her frustration to another level by posting a few videos where she openly disrespected her father, Boosie by calling him a “Bitch” and a “Ho”. Using disrespectful language, she directed her anger toward her father without holding back.

As the news of Tori's outburst spread, Boosie took to his own social media to address the situation. In response to his daughter's scathing Instagram posts, the Louisiana rapper shared his side of the story. Boosie shared a picture of his family and captioned it with a lengthy message addressing the allegations made by Tori. The rapper strongly said the accusations were not true and explained his side of the story about his difficult relationship with his daughter.

Boosie's post read, “I take a car for her leaving ATL, lol, BIG LIE!! She left ATL out of nowhere because she knew her mom had filed child support papers on me. This, after I bought you an 80k car. I've always taken care of my children. She wasn't saying this two weeks ago when she was in ATL going on shopping sprees every day. She has never said this, but now I'm not a dad (spoiled). If you're going to talk about your father, talk the truth about your mother, who's been arrested over 12 times for stealing and has been in and out of jail her whole life.”

Bossman continued his defense, revealing some aspects of Tori's upbringing. He claimed, “Your dad always tried to raise you not to be this woman. You called another woman ‘mama' the first three years of your life. We took care of you when she was in and out of jail. Your mother named you after another man when you were born. I changed your name and took responsibility. When you lived in Atlanta, you went to private schools and excelled under my roof. When she got you, she controlled your mind. What mom lets 19-year-old men stay with you when you were 15, smh?”

Boosie further criticized Tori's mother's actions, stating, “What mom and daughter get together to put child support on a great dad, then play like you don't know what's going on? What mom waits until you have 19 months before you turn 18 to file child support? It's a money grab, gtfoh. You have no guidance in that household. Your grandmother has spent over 17 years of her life in jail for stealing also. And in May, for your birthday when you got the car and racks, your mom said I was the best dad, smh. Take your lick. Y'all tried to play me and got played. Y'all will not be in that 2023 AMG BENZ BOO-BOO. Y'all know I'm not the one to play with. No lies told at all. People will try and kick you when they think you're down, smh.”

In response to her father's video message, the teen took to her Instagram story once again to address the situation. She stated, “When my older siblings got their car, their mom's name was on it… he made sure HIS was on mine so he could take it back. So all that child support shit is not the reason… he's been waiting for a reason to take it since I changed the color, and that's the last thing I'm going to say about it. F*** a n***a.” Tori's comment suggests that her father intentionally had his name on the car's ownership to have control over it and seize it whenever he desired, explaining her frustration with the situation.

In her final messages on her Instagram story, Tori addressed the reactions and criticism she received. She shared the following: “Only reason I removed my posts cs all y'all doin is dr Buu y'all gon do that anyways cs he a rapper. Ian disrespectful Im just finaly speaking up, don't give a fuk HOW you look at it. “Wipe yo tears” Ian respecting me and he NEVER respected me so FUK A N**GA. And im WELL taken care of. N**ga must've forgot when he went to jail WHO took care of me!”

Tori's words show that she is determined to speak up and express her feelings, even if other people criticize or judge her for it. She wants to make sure her voice is heard and she stands strong in her beliefs.

In her final message, the teenager thanked everyone for their kind words and support. She wanted to make it clear that she didn't cry and she isn't feeling upset. Tori explained that she has grown used to the pain caused by her father's actions throughout the years. She has been dealing with tough situations involving him for a long time, but she has become strong and resilient because of it. In her last message, Tori recognized her mom's part in raising her and praised her for doing a good job and teaching her to be strong.

“Thanks for all the encouraging words. NO i didn't cry and NO i'm not hurt. I'm NUMB to him hurting me as a “dad” been going through shit with him for YEARSSS, im numb to that shit na…I eat everything up that hurt me. Mom raised me well.”

Boosie's ongoing struggles and difficult relationship with his daughter show that being famous doesn't make life easy. As their story keeps developing, we hope that Boosie and his daughter can find a way to make peace and fix their broken relationship. The public will continue to follow their journey, hoping for a positive resolution that brings healing and understanding between them. Only time will tell if they can mend the wounds and find ground as a family.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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