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Boosie Breaks Down Why He Walked Out of ‘The Color Purple’ Screening

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In a recent interview on the Cam Capone News platform, rapper took the time to explain his past decision to walk out of a screening of “The Color Purple.” During the conversation, Boosie shared insights into his beliefs about parenting and traditional values, providing context for his actions at the movie theater.

Boosie recounted the experience, revealing that he attended the movie with his daughter and stepdaughter, aiming for a family outing. However, he quickly became uncomfortable with the content, particularly scenes portraying what he described as a “lesbian love story.”

“It was just too much, you know. I don't want my daughter seeing that” Boosie expressed during the podcast. “I have a right as a parent to raise my kids the way I want to.”

The rapper pointed out his belief in traditional families and his desire to shield his children from what he sees as inappropriate content. He compared his perspective to other parental decisions, such as whether to allow a child to handle a gun, showing how parents should have the freedom to shape their children's upbringing.

“It's the same position if you want to have your kid with a gun in his hand or you don't. You have a right as a parent to make that decision,” Boosie asserted.


Furthermore, Boosie touched upon the prevalence of explicit content in modern media, suggesting that intimate scenes between heterosexual couples have been replaced with more diverse portrayals. He argued that such depictions are pervasive and asserted his right to oppose what he views as an agenda.

“It's pushed, man. It's pushed,” Boosie stated, referring to the prevalence of explicit content in modern media. The host then followed up, saying, “I've seen you touch on this a little bit in the past, but your daughter, she is a lesbian?” to which Boosie replied, “Yeah.”

However, despite his reservations about the portrayal of LGBTQ+ relationships in media, Boosie clarified that his daughter's sexual orientation did not affect his love for her.

“It didn't really affect me because she made the choice when she was grown, and I love her to death,” he affirmed.

Boosie's comments have reignited debates surrounding parental rights, censorship, and LGBTQ+ representation in media. While some commend his commitment to parental authority and traditional values, others criticize what they perceive as intolerance and discrimination.

As the discussion continues, Boosie remains firm in his convictions, advocating for what he believes is best for his family while grappling with the complexities of societal norms and personal beliefs.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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