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Boosie Issues Warning to Son Tootie Raww Over Pooh Shiesty Mask

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In a recent Instagram Live session, found himself in a candid father-son moment, expressing serious concern over his son 's choice of attire – a mask. The rapper, known for his straightforward approach, didn't hold back as he warned his son about the potential dangers associated with wearing such a mask.

During the live video, Boosie can be heard urging Tootie Raww to remove the Pooh Shiesty mask, emphasizing the risks involved. Boosie humorously remarked, “You with that Pooh Shiesty mask, take that mask off. You had it on for about two days. You out here in the mountains. A bear gonna think you something else. Bear gonna bite your finger off.”

Continuing to drive his point home, Boosie highlighted the potential for misunderstandings in public spaces. “They are no Nike man,” he emphasized, suggesting that the mask could lead to alarming situations. Tootie Raww, seemingly unimpressed, attempted to defend his choice, though his response remains unclear.

Undeterred, Boosie explained his perspective, stating, “I'm just trying to better you, bro. Every time somebody walks by me with that on, I'll be watching them, bro. I'm not used to that. If somebody had that on … they come get you, man. Somebody finna shoot you, man. I'm not used to that, man. I'm never gonna get used to it. That's never gonna be to me, bro. It's dangerous. I don't want my son wearing no Pooh Shiesty mask.”

Boosie's worry points to a bigger problem in society. Wearing masks linked to specific figures might cause misunderstandings, making people seem like threats. Boosie's honest talk reminds the younger crowd to think about the real-life impacts of their fashion choices and the possible outcomes in different situations.

Public Safety Measures: Bans on Ski Masks in Certain States

Understanding the matter of masking one's identity has spurred actions in various states. Take Philadelphia, for example; the city has enforced a prohibition on ski masks in particular public spaces. This measure aims to boost public safety and diminish crime rates. The ban applies to diverse locations, including schools, recreation centers, parks, city-owned buildings, and public transportation.

Violating this ban in these designated areas can result in a $250 fine while engaging in criminal activities while masked carries a heftier penalty of $2,000. The rationale behind such measures is clear – wearing a mask in public spaces can obstruct identifying features, making it challenging for law enforcement to combat crime effectively.

The rationale behind these measures lies in the challenge of identifying individuals when their faces are concealed by masks. Advocates argue that the restrictions aim to deter criminal activities and create a safer environment for the general public.

As ski masks stay in the spotlight of fashion trends, the ongoing conversation is all about striking a balance between personal style and keeping everyone safe. The steps taken by some states are part of a larger initiative to find that sweet spot, creating a space where people can move around in public feeling secure, all while maintaining public safety.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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