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Britney Spears Gains Social Media Spotlight with Rapper Plies’ Admiration

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Recently, the pop sensation Britney Spears is back in the limelight, and this round, it's not all about her . Outta nowhere, Florida rapper has recently been giving major props to the pop queen for her Instagram dance videos. And now, is also spreading some love for the pop star.

Florida artist Plies is all about Britney's lately. He's not holding back on letting the world know he's vibing with her. Plies is giving her some mad love for those dance videos that have us all cracking up.

Plies has taken to his account with a clear objective: to capture the attention of the pop singer who has recently shared details about her divorce from her husband, Sam Asghari.

Plies took to his social media platform to voice his thoughts on Spears' dance videos, expressing his views in the following tweet: “The azz smack heard around America. I've watch this part 1,000,016 times since it came out. I just can't stop watching it! (U hear how soft it sound). I've listen to it in the car & everything with the volume on 100!! This is absolutely beautiful! #MyWhite.”


Latto has also jumped on the bandwagon, posting a series of provocative pictures on social media along with a caption that reads, “Sexy dancing in the house. I feel like .”

However, there's more going on with the pop singer. Spears has been impressing everyone with some pole dance routines recently. She's taken the step of installing a pole in her living room and fearlessly showing off her moves on social media. This daring move has gotten her dedicated fans all hyped up and talking.


Amidst all of this, Britney Spears hasn't avoided talking about her personal life. She has shared about her divorce from Sam Asghari, bringing attention to a relationship with claims of cheating and serious arguments that finally caused them to split.

The 41-year-old superstar's recent actions, even though they're a bit awkward, have really connected with the hip-hop community. People have taken notice of her bold funny performances, and this has caught the attention of an audience that wasn't necessarily expected.

The pop star's biggest fan Plies once again, showering love and eagerly awaiting a sign from Spears: “Baby one more time…send me a sign baby!!” Plies captioned his video, vibing to Spears' hit song.


Recently, Spears dropped another special Instagram Reel. She was grooving to Kelis hit song “My Milkshake” with loads of energy. And guess what? She was wearing this little leopard print with a low-cut front, looking cute over a brown push-up bra.

In these IG reels, Britney not only showed off her dance moves but also proved she can still grab people's attention. Something interesting to point out is that comments were turned off for all four of these dance videos, adding a mysterious vibe to the eye-catching performances.

However, once again, Plies was hooked by the pop singer's videos and he gave another shout-out to Spears. He shared the “Milkshake” video where Britney showed off her dance moves in that little cheetah print outfit. Plies' tweet read: “Look at my little Cheetah. My lil hot cheeto. (I went an got a milkshake just to watch dis.)


In another video Spears changed her wedding ring. She switched out her real diamond ring for a huge fake one, like making a statement. This isn't just about jewelry, it's like a sign that she's moving on from her wedding ring, especially with all the stuff happening with her divorce from her estranged husband.

Earlier this week, Britney Spears got a lot of attention for sharing an explicit video on Instagram. In the video, she looked confident without a top on, wearing only underwear and smiling at the camera. The music playing in the background was a song by from 2016 called “Fade.” The words she wrote in the video, “Me and Kanye,” along with a starry-eyed emoji, got people thinking about what she meant. People are not sure if the video was just her having fun listening to Kanye's music or if it meant something more important.


With all the hype around Spears lately, tons of people are wondering if she's just chasing clout by pulling off these moves. They're wondering if she's purposely trying to get attention from the media.

In the ongoing Britney Spears saga, one thing's for sure: she's got us all hooked. With her funny dance moves, fearless style, and just being herself. Will Plies get a response from Britney? Keep an eye out for updates on the Britney Spears story, things are about to get interesting!

Written by: Silvia Tine

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