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Brittany Renner and Shannon Briggs Lock Horns in Heated Podcast Exchange

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In a recent episode of “,” Brittany Renner found herself in a heated confrontation with former boxing heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs, capturing the attention of viewers and sparking discussions across social media platforms.

The interview initially began with a lighthearted tone as Renner, a well-known social media influencer, joined The Danza Project podcast together with Charleston White to delve into the realm of parenthood and life experiences. Their conversation revolved around parenting styles, challenges, and the unique perspectives of raising children at different stages of life.

However, it was a particular moment from the interview that quickly gained notoriety. The clip that circulated on social media showcased Renner's unexpected emotional outburst when the topic of her ex-partner and the father of her child, NBA star PJ Washington, was broached. Her typically composed demeanor shattered as her voice strained with intensity, leaving many to speculate about the underlying emotions driving her response.

The context of the clip was crucial in understanding Renner's passionate reaction. The question about PJ Washington, with whom Renner shares a history, touched a nerve.

When Renner was asked about Washington's recent basketball contract and how she felt about his success, she expressed pride in his accomplishments. Washington had recently signed a significant three-year, $48 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets, a feat that Renner acknowledged and supported.

However, as the conversation continued, Renner's emotional state became apparent. Fueled by alcohol and confronted with a topic that had evidently caused her pain, she unleashed a raw and unfiltered response. In her impassioned rant, Renner referenced the physical toll of childbirth, expressing the sacrifices she had made for their relationship.

During the emotionally charged moment, Renner reveals, “You know I had a second-degree tear. You know what that looks like? Hello? Hello?! Is everybody f*cking listening? Hello?!”

“I had a second-degree tear. That means they sewed me up. Right. You know what that means? That means I love that motherf*cker. My p*ssy was f*cking split open for him. You understand that?”: She continued”

Renner continued, stating: “Let me tell you something. 50 pounds. Do you hear what I'm saying? I gained 50 pounds.” Sitting next to her, the jovial comprehended that Renner was referring to the weight of her newborn child. She shifted her attention to Charleston to provide clarity that she had indeed gained 50 pounds after giving birth. Renner addressed Charleston, expressing her point, “Charleston, 50 pounds. ‘That's just somebody I'm just whatever? It's about money?' I believe in true love. I said it a hundred fcking times!”

At that very moment, she turned toward Shannon Briggs and shouted: ” Hellooo!!! Listen to what I'm fcking saying. Shut the f*ck up when a real b*tch is taking…”

Briggs attempted to diffuse the situation by advising Renner to “chill,” a suggestion that she did not take kindly to. What followed was a fiery exchange between the two, with Renner passionately retorting, “Hey, listen, I hear you! But, listen, you're protecting him, so it is what it is.” Briggs quickly shot back, accusing her of being disrespectful and under the influence.

The underlying dynamics between Renner and Briggs escalated when a water bottle hurled by Renner accidentally struck Briggs instead of its intended target. This mistake triggered a strong argument between them. Shannon Briggs accused Renner of being intoxicated during the podcast, labeling her as a “drunk b*tch”, and further intensifying the already charged atmosphere.

During this that caught a lot of attention, people started to guess how Renner was feeling at that time. Some onlookers wondered if things like alcohol or other things she might have taken influenced how passionately she reacted. The sudden change in how she was acting made people worried and they began to talk about how she was doing overall.

The interview drew attention to that particular clip that caught the public's eye. Additionally, another moment from the interview also gained some notice. This occurred when Charleston White made a comment of a sexual nature directed at Renner.

During the interview, something unexpected happened between Renner and Charleston White. White's comment had a sexual meaning, and this got an interesting reaction from Renner. In a surprising turn of events, she gave him a lapdance right there on the live podcast. This surprised the people watching. Charleston White's response was quite light-hearted; he seemed to really enjoy the unexpected lapdance. This event made people online talk and discuss it more. It's important to mention that, even though some stories are exaggerated, the interaction seemed to happen naturally and in a fun way, with no plan to create controversy.

Renner's strong reaction got a lot of people's attention, but it's really important to watch the whole interview to understand everything better. The feelings she showed were made stronger by drinking alcohol and remembering things from her past relationship. In this situation, Renner's emotions, how others perceive her, and social media all combine to sometimes make things appear more negative than they truly are.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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