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Brooklyn Rapper Casanova Slashed in Face after Gang Renouncement

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Casanova, whose real name is Caswell Senior, was involved in a very bad fight with another inmate at the Essex County Correctional Facility on Thursday, June 15. This has made people pay more attention to the increasing violence at the facility and worry about the safety of the inmates.

According to internal reports from correctional officers, was attacked with a weapon by another inmate named Ulysses Lugo. The assault resulted in severe slashes to Casanova's face, leaving him drenched in blood. In a surprising turn of events, Casanova retaliated by chasing down his assailant with the help of other inmates, further escalating the violent encounter.

Eyewitness accounts from correctional officers reveal the harrowing aftermath of the incident. Casanova's face was visibly injured, leaking blood, and his entire uniform was saturated with blood. The Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark is currently investigating the matter, including whether any weapons were employed during the altercation.

The Essex County Correctional Facility spokesperson has stated that the incident is currently being treated as a minor incident, and an investigation is underway to determine if weapons were employed during the altercation. However, there are concerns that the unit where the incident took place was not thoroughly searched following the attack.

It is important to note that Casanova, who has already pleaded guilty to his involvement with the notorious Gorilla Stone Nation, is awaiting sentencing. His lawyers have confirmed his admission of guilt and renouncement of his gang membership. The upcoming sentence, scheduled for June 27th, raises questions about the potential consequences of this recent jail incident.

While it remains unclear if the inmate who attacked Casanova was affiliated with any specific gang, further information is expected to be released as the investigation unfolds. Given the circumstances, some argue that Casanova's retaliation may be seen as an act of self-defense, considering the initial attack he endured.

This incident shows that there are important problems with how officers are trained and how inmates are kept safe in the facility. Interviews with correctional officers have revealed that officers don't receive enough training, and there are not enough staff members to watch over the inmates. This puts everyone at risk and needs to be addressed.

While efforts have been made to enhance search protocols and improve training standards, the incident involving Casanova highlights the urgency of addressing these concerns. It is important to note that starting in January, correction officers will be required by state law to undergo training at the police academy before assuming inmate oversight duties. However, until that time, the persisting concerns regarding inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-officer assaults demand immediate attention.

As the investigations go on and we learn more, it is very important for the people in charge to take strong action to stop the increasing violence in the Essex County Correctional Facility. Keeping everyone safe, including the people who are locked up and the staff who work there. They need to make sure that everyone feels secure and protected.

Casanova's upcoming sentencing, scheduled for June 27th, adds further complexity to the situation. Already facing a maximum sentence of 60 years for his involvement in federal drug conspiracy charges, this recent incident could potentially impact the final sentencing decision.

The rapper's legal situation and personal struggles have been a topic of discussion, as Casanova has openly spoken about the hardships he has faced. He has previously expressed remorse and contemplated the impact of his actions in a letter addressed to the judge.

Brooklyn rapper Casanova wrote a heartfelt letter to a judge, where he expressed his feelings and renounced his involvement with the Gorilla Stone Nation Bloods gang. He promised to speak out against gang life and make positive changes.

Casanova admitted that he had made some bad choices, including pleading guilty to drug trafficking charges. He explained that he used the gang image to boost his rap career, but now he wants to leave that life behind.

Growing up in a tough environment without a father figure, Casanova shared how became his outlet. He believes that his songs were unfairly seen as violent by the government, even though that wasn't the whole truth.

While waiting for his sentencing, Casanova plans to use his time in prison to raise awareness about the dangers of gangs. He has connected with new people who share his mission to discourage others from joining gangs.

To support his case, Casanova submitted many letters from his loved ones, friends, and colleagues, all speaking highly of his character. He hopes the judge will consider these letters and give him a fair sentence so he can return to his normal life and be with his family.

As the case progresses, it is crucial to wait for more details to emerge. The implications of this recent incident and its potential effect on Casanova's sentencing are yet to be determined.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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