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Candace Owens Reacts to Andrew Tate’s Detainment in Romania

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, known for her bold commentary, has once again taken to her YouTube channel to weigh in on the recent detainment of Andrew and Tristan Tate in Romania. The controversial figure, Andrew Tate, along with his brother Tristan, have found themselves in legal turmoil once more, sparking questions and speculations about the true motives behind their repeated detainments.

In her latest video, Owens delved into the complexities surrounding the Tates' legal battles, shedding light on her personal connection to . She disclosed a longstanding friendship between her husband and Tate, offering insight into her previous interviews and discussions with the controversial figure.

Owens recounted the initial arrest of the Tates in Bucharest, Romania, where they faced serious charges related to human trafficking and forming a criminal gang. Despite initial suspicions, Owens expressed skepticism about the legitimacy of the charges, highlighting what she deemed as inconsistencies and unjust treatment in the legal process.

The media personality detailed the events leading up to the recent detainment, expressing Andrew Tate's own predictions about potential legal troubles in the UK. Tate's foresight appeared eerily accurate as news broke of his detention in connection to alleged sexual aggression dating back to 2012. Owens scrutinized the nature of the charges, questioning the coordinated efforts between Romanian and UK authorities over a civil matter.

“‘Here is what I will say looking at this case and looking deeply at the case that happened in Bucharest, which as I said, I don't think they ever had any legs to stand on. It does seem like this was always about the UK. My suspicion is that the UK government has a ton of power and they have wanted Andrew Tate for some time.'”

Candace Owens

Expressing concern over what she perceives as undue influence and persecution, Owens urged viewers to look beyond personal biases and examine the broader implications of Tate's case. She challenged the legitimacy of the allegations and raised suspicions about ulterior motives driving the legal actions against him.


“I do believe that the UK government, wants to take Andrew Tate and his brother down because they are unable to influence them. You can disagree with that all you want, but I encourage you to take a look at the case in Bucharest.”

Candace Owens

On her social media account, Owens expressed her solidarity with Andrew and his brother by posting the following tweet: “I do not care what you think about Andrew and Tristan Tate— everything that is happening to them is an absurdity. A civil case from accusations made 10 years ago that were declined criminal prosecution by the UK courts but then crowdfunded into a civil prosecution is giving E Jean Carroll vibes. That any civil case would constitute a middle of the night detainment in a foreign country is beyond absurd. It's criminal corruption.”

Drawing parallels to other high-profile cases and societal trends, Owens pointed out the need for critical thinking and scrutiny in evaluating the circumstances surrounding Tate's detainment. Despite differing opinions on Tate's controversial persona, Owens called for a fair assessment of the unfolding legal saga and its potential ramifications.

It's important to note that Andrew Tate's prediction of the events currently unfolding in his life dates back to February 6, 2023. In a tweet on that day, he warned, “England will not attempt to put me in jail. Matrix attacks via the ‘justice' system incoming. The BBC Have blocked the interview in the UK because of the destruction they suffered. I have sank the HMS hood. They will stop at nothing to destroy me. Prayers welcome.”

This tweet basically predicted what's happening now, backing up Tate's claim that he saw it coming. It shows how he feels like he's caught up in a big mess created by powerful players in the legal and media worlds. As things play out, the tweet gives us a glimpse into his thoughts and how he sees his situation, focusing on how he thinks his reputation and freedom are under attack.

In a media environment rife with sensationalism and speculation, Candace Owens' latest take offers a thought-provoking perspective on the complexities of fame, justice, and personal freedom. As the legal battle ensues, all eyes remain on Andrew and Tristan Tate as they navigate uncertain waters once again.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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