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Cardi B and Cuban Doll are arguing about Offset’s alleged cheating

todayJanuary 9, 2022 118

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When Cuban Doll accused of cheating on Cardi B in 2018, the WAP rapper lost her cool.

Cardi and her husband separated for a few months due to the rumors that had fueled the year.

Cuban, who previously denied ever seeing or speaking with Offset, is now reversing her position to affirm that the rapper's spouse is, in fact, a cheater.

and s feud has resurfaced, with the two engaging in a heated debate about Offset's alleged adultery.

The entire back-and-forth appears to have started earlier this evening when a fan tweeted that Cuban had uploaded a snapshot of on her Instagram stories, implying that Minaj was the inspiration for Cuban's leopard print costume in a video she's releasing.

Cardi B fans also mentioned Cardi's “WAP” video, in which she wears a leopard print costume, claiming that Cuban Doll was the inspiration for Cardi's next music video.

After a Β fan responded with an old video of the “Bodak Yellow” artist showing love to Cuban, Cardi became aware of the tweets.

Cardi responded in a now-deleted tweet, stating that people don't have a reason to dislike her and that it's all a case of “bandwagon mentality.”

Ask me why they hate me … THEY DON'T HAVE A REASON, JUST BANDWAGONING,” she added. β€œIt's Cool tho, everyone that ever hated never succeeded.” 

Cuban then began sending Cardi a series of subliminal tweets, which have since been removed. She denied being influenced by Cardi in the posts.

Supporters of the Bronx rapper even shared old Instagram Stories of Cuban listening to Cardi's songs.

Cardi was able to screengrab several of Cuban's tweets, including two that said,” I pray a man doesn't marry me just to cheat on me … that's next level OD DISRESPECT,” and “I could never be inspired by someone who I don't listen to. Simple stop trying to force that on me.”

Cardi wrote in the captions of the screenshots, “You started this whole shit with those two NOW DELETED tweets being shady about the inspiration and then my husband. Now that I respond I'm wrong?”

Cuban then reacted, claiming that she and Cardi haven't spoken since Offset was caught trying to sleep with her in 2018.

This is a significant turning point in the discussion since Cardi then uploaded a video from 2019, in which Cuban tells a TMZ reporter that she had never met or talked to Offset at the time.

To strengthen her argument, Cardi shared direct conversations between herself and Cuban, in which Cuban denies knowing anything about Offset's infidelity scandal. Summer Bunni, Cuban's acquaintance at the time, was allegedly the lady implicated in the infidelity .

The most interesting tweet of the night came from Cuban.

Summer Bunni claimed in a since-deleted Instagram post that she was paid to clean Offset's reputation in the 2018 infidelity incident, in which Offset allegedly intended to have a threesome with her and Cuban.

The Bronx rapper then wondered why Cuban had modified her version so many times and launched the last shot that looked to go back to why the feud began in the first place.

Cardi tweeted: “First you said the girl was no longer ya friend, then it turned to he was fuckin her, now it's he was trying to fuck with you? You can't even keep up with ya own lies. Show me the receipts. You started this yet asking me what does it prove? Honey, you need this moment, not me.”Β 

Eventually, for the time being, the two rappers put out their final tweets about the issue.



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Written by: Silvia Tine

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