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Cardi B Calls Out The Shade Room For Blocking Her Comments On Social Media

todayJuly 11, 2022 28582 741

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Cardi B is not having it with The Shade Room's platform and she's not holding back.

The Bronx rapper blasted the platform The Shade Room for blocking and deleting her comments from their page.

On Monday, July 11, Cardi posted a series of screenshots on that showed how The Shade Room had blacklisted her and removed her comments on their social media platform.

It all started when commented under a post from The Shade Room, in which she asked them to delete her daughter from their network—and they deleted her comment. That's when things got heated: Shade Room blocked Cardi B for commenting, which prompted an angry response from the artist herself.

When Cardi tweeted about the , The Shade Room replied to their defense: “what's the phone number of the lawyer you used in your defamation case because we tryna see something…. Is this the “only negative” content you are referring to?

Cardi wasn't having it—she responded with video footage saying that she doesn't want to take things too far.

In the following video Cardi is exposing The Shade Room, she said: “You guys were ignoring me that's why I had to take it publicly. Clearly, you guys got me muted from commenting on your page. When I comment nobody can't see my comment and actually I've got screenshots of it and that's why I had posted it.”

The Afro-Latina artist persisted in exposing the platform to the practice of producing content by making false claims.

“I'm a person as well and I have feelings, I'm not a crazy person, I'm not this ghetto person. I'm not this person that's trying to make narratives about me or nothing. You guys clearly know what you guys doing.

“My thing is, take it easy on me. I'm a person as well. I'm trying to protect my best, my mental health”: she continued saying.

Cardi B and The Shade Room tweeted back and forth several times.

The Shade Room fired back at Cardi with the following tweet: “@iamcardib you do not own our site and you do not get to control our coverage. If your old self is posting pics of our black female CEO calling her fat & ugly feel free to do so. Just make sure you use a new picture.”

Cardi responds: “I'm not on that type of time at all ….actually I spoke to Angie 4 months ago on the phone for a hour so where is this energy from ?I don't control nothing but don't block me from commenting on ur page then posting funny stuff.”

Cardi B's tweets were in response to a series of posts by The Shade Room, which claimed that they had never blocked or deleted any of Cardi B's comments. She responded by sharing screenshots showing that she had been blocked by them.

“Why would I lie? I have no reason to lie & same things wit the post from today..& when have I ask you that?..oooo we can post receipts best believe I recorded the convo that we had on the phone. I don't even know why y'all want to do all of this.”

In another post referring to The Shade Room Cardi tweeted: “Never ask y'all to post about my family..you can't show a dm or nothing of me askin u that ..and I'm not dumb to post that call but trust I got it and even on that call never asked y'all that shit Stand on y'all truth .All of this but ignore me a couple of days ago when I dm yall”

A statement was made to Cardi B by The Shade Room at the end of the discussion

“Ok, I'll send the papers first thing tomorrow morning. Don't edit the convo either. Twitter, you are on notice…after I send Cardi the papers we will see if she posts the conversation…lol.”

In one of her final tweets, Cardi B replied with the following: “I'll be waiting no need to edit when you have nothing to hide in the mean time ..EXPLAIN why you can post me on you psge but also got me restricted?cause I posted receipts yet NO ANSWER.”

A resolution has not been reached between Cardi B and The Shade Room, so more tweets are sure to come!

The Shade Room seems to be taking things seriously, based on their most recent tweet to Cardi: “Let's see how well this tweet ages tomorrow when we deliver the papers. Night night.”

The drill Queen who is remarkably resilient and undefeated, had a response to this as well: ” I gave multiple receipts today and yet y'all have posted none, now y'all LYING to the public again making it seem like the convo was about other people when the convo was about this SAME S** YALL DOING NOW! SEND THEM PAPERS AND MAKE SURE THEY FROM THE PERSON I HAD THE CONVO WITH!”

Hopefully, all parties can go about their business without tension once this issue is settled. A solid understanding will be reached if they put their disagreement on hold for a while.

UPDATE: After much back and forth, Cardi and The Shade Room were able to come to an arrangement.

Cardi to the Shade Room: “You know what, let's handle this like adults. Angie let's get on the phone.”

After the two women put aside their differences, the Shade Room tweeted.

“Just spoke to Cardi B and we were able to come to a resolution. We're putting the issue to rest and moving on. Cardi, we wish you the best and continued success. Glad we found a way to move forward peacefully. What happened earlier was bad, but how it ended is good.”

The Shade Room apologized to their fans and supporters with the following message: “To the roommates, our true supporters, we promise to never subject you to this kind of behavior again. We appreciate your constant support of our platform and we would be nothing without our 36 million roommates & counting. Onward and upward.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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