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Cardi B Takes on the Spicy Wing Challenge on ‘Hot Ones’ with Sean Evans

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, the Grammy award-winning artist with a string of number-one hits in hip-hop history, recently made a fiery appearance on the popular YouTube talk show, ‘Hot Ones.' Hosted by Sean Evans, known for his exceptional interviewing skills, the show is famous for grilling celebrities over a plate of increasingly spicy chicken wings.

The Bronx rapper, known for her unfiltered and candid persona, didn't hold back during the interview. As she prepared to take on the “Gauntlet” of hot wings, she expressed her nervousness, admitting that she was setting herself up for some spicy aftermath. However, she also noted that she was fulfilling a long-standing request from her fans, who had eagerly anticipated her appearance on the show.

The conversation flowed seamlessly as Cardi B discussed her latest hit, “Bongos,” featuring , and its video. She praised the tropical and luxurious theme of the video, complete with extravagant hats, feathers, and grandeur, reflecting her own love for extravagance.

As the spicy wing challenge continued, Cardi B delved into her music career. She revealed that she prefers not to use her music to dwell on her struggles, opting instead for fun and lighthearted content. She expressed her admiration for artists like and , aiming to follow in their footsteps as successful moguls.

The interview took an unexpected turn as Cardi B shared her skepticism about aliens, amusingly questioning why they haven't invaded Earth if they were smarter than humans. Her candid responses and sense of humor kept the interview engaging and entertaining.


As the spicy wing challenge intensified, Cardi B continued to share anecdotes about her career, including recording clean versions of her songs for radio and her admiration for historical figures like FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt.

In the end, Cardi B conquered the spicy wing challenge with humor and resilience, leaving an impression not only for her fiery wit but also for her genuine personality.

The rap Queen's appearance on ‘Hot Ones' showcased her ability to up any conversation, even when facing the heat of the hottest wings. Fans and viewers were treated to a memorable interview filled with laughter, insights, and, of course, plenty of spicy moments.

The episode concluded with Cardi B giving a heartfelt shoutout to her fans, thanking them for their support, and expressing her happiness to make them happy.

Cardi B's journey through the spicy wings may have left her tongue on fire, but her charismatic presence and candid responses ensured that this ‘Hot Ones' episode was truly a scorcher.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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