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Cardi B’s Mic-Throwing: New Video Reveals What Happened!

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Las Vegas was buzzing with excitement as Cardi B took the stage at Drai's Beachclub on July 29. A video capturing an went viral on social media, showing the rapper throwing her microphone at someone in the audience. But as new footage surfaces, it reveals an unexpected twist to the .

In the first video that went viral on social media, you can see , the 30-year-old rapper, getting caught off guard when a fan suddenly splashes their drink on her while she's performing her popular song “Bodak Yellow.” Well, let's just say she wasn't too happy about it because she reacts by throwing her mic back at the person in a fit of anger.

But, there's another video that Dilemaradio got hold of, thanks to J'nefer C. Higgins, and it shows a whole different side of what happened before Cardi B threw the mic. Unlike the first video, this one suggests that Cardi B actually told the crowd to splash her with water. You can even hear the DJ saying, “Splash her down,” and the audience ends up splashing the rapper with water.

After the whole water-splashing thing, Cardi B kept going with her performance. But then, things got tricky when someone unexpectedly chucked a drink at her. Not realizing what the fan really meant, Cardi B acted on the spur of the moment and hurled her microphone right at them. Then Cardi said the following: “I said splash my p*ssy not my face b*tch”.

Additionally, people on social media couldn't help but notice that when Cardi B tossed her microphone, her vocals continued playing in the background, leading to rumors and discussions about whether she was lip-syncing during the show. As the video spread, hashtags like #CardiB and #MilliVanilli began trending, drawing parallels to the famous music duo who had faced a lip-syncing scandal in the past.

It's still uncertain what exactly the consequences will be, but legal experts believe that the person hit by Cardi B's mic could have a valid reason to sue her, which could cause even more problems for the diva.

It's important to mention that one day before the incident at Drai's Beachclub, there was another video circulating on social media. The video showed Cardi B throwing her microphone at a DJ while performing at the same club in Vegas. People who watched the videos said the rapper appeared angry because the DJ cut many of her songs too soon.

In the viral footage, Cardi B's anger is evident as she hurls the mic toward the DJ, making headlines all over social media.

People are wondering why Cardi B keeps throwing microphones during her performances. If you're nearby and she's holding a microphone, it's better to stay far away, as she seems to really enjoy tossing it.

In the showbiz industry, what we see on stage might not be the whole truth. People are talking a lot about the Cardi B incident, and everyone has their own opinion about what really happened. We're all waiting to hear Cardi's side of the story. Whatever it is, it shows us that there are always two sides to every story.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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