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Charleston White Opens Up About Boosie’s Decision to Decline Boxing Match

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In an interview with popular media outlet Say Cheese, Charleston White, known for his outspoken personality, opened up about a missed opportunity for a boxing match against the Louisiana rapper Boosie Badazz. The match, which had a staggering prize of over $100,000, fell through when declined the offer.

During the interview, White discussed his interest in boxing, showcasing his perseverance by wearing boxing shoes and sharing videos of himself training in the gym. He expressed his love for the sport, training hard on the heavy bag and sparring with coach Chris.

When asked about his training goals, White revealed that he had received a fight offer to face off against Boosie. The offer included an upfront payment of $100,000, with additional revenue from streaming and pay-per-view. The contract even had the names of boxing legend Dana White and the Slapboxing company for the promotion. However, Boosie's team turned down the offer, causing the match to be canceled.

Undeterred, White mentioned that he had received three other fight offers since then. He reached out to several other artists, including Peso Peso and Grove Hero, to gauge their interest in a potential match. Despite Boosie's refusal, White's determination to step into the ring remained high.

White felt let down by Boosie's choice and believed it had to do with Boosie's manager or close friend. As per White, Boosie's homie caused trouble between them, which made Boosie change his mind about the boxing match. According to Charleston, Boosie's homeboy accused him of reporting Boosie's son, Tootie Raw, to the police in Austin. White was surprised and said, “Hold up, I didn't even know Tootie was in Austin!” Boosie still showed interest in the contract, but his alleged manager did most of the talking. White mentioned that there was a lot of money involved in the situation.

Despite the setback, White remained optimistic about his in boxing. He mentioned that a new fight offer was on the table, with a similar monetary reward of $100,000 upfront. While the back-end revenue differed, White believed that the match would still generate a significant amount of money due to his and Boosie's large followings.

White's boxing aspirations gained attention from multiple agencies and companies interested in supporting his fights. Additionally, he revealed that Live Nation had approached him, offering him the opportunity to host the upcoming “Grown Folks Talking Tour” by TK Kirkland, which kicks off in July.

Charleston White talked about his boxing experience in the interview. He shared how he missed a chance to fight Boosie, but he won't give up. He keeps trying to get into the boxing ring. Many people are becoming fans of White, and he is getting more offers to fight.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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