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Charleston White’s Pepper Spray Strikes Again, Sauce Walka Reacts

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Charleston White, recognized for his attention-grabbing actions, is once more in the focus. The self-proclaimed amateur “professional” boxer is gaining attention for his statement about using pepper spray on and his label crew The Sauce Factor (TSF).

A few days ago, an involving made the news as he was supposed to fight Suede the Plug God in the ICB North American Lightweight Championship. Trouble started at the face-off and weigh-in on August 25 (2023). White and Suede were arguing during the face-off, and White went further by using pepper spray on Suede. This happened after Suede pushed him.

As White was surrounded by fans, he could be heard shouting, “Bitch ass n**ga!” Suede had left the stage, holding his face.

Just hours before the scheduled fight, White talked about the incident. He started by saying, “N**ga, I don't do no motherfcking bar fight..” He explained that he's a boxer, not someone who fights outside the ring. He mentioned that he was allowed to fight and said Suede's actions were like an attack. White also said he had gloves with mace in them, which showed he was ready to protect himself.

However, it seems that Charleston White's situation has taken a more serious turn. Reports have emerged that White was involved in another altercation where this time he used a knife to defend himself against his opponent who apparently wanted to fight him outside the boxing ring. In a later Live video on social media, White talked proudly about the incident, saying, “Put a hole in his head.”

The incident happened in Tempe, Arizona, where White was getting ready for the boxing match against, Suede the Plug God. The day before, White had used pepper spray on Suede during their argument. The next day, Suede confronted White in a hotel lobby, seemingly trying to start a fight right there. This could have been in response to the pepper spray incident.

In response to this, White quickly pulled out a blade that he called a “pig poker.” He used it to hit Suede several times on the head. The scene was caught on camera, showing blood coming from Suede's head. After this, Suede left the area with injuries.

There are rumors that White might have been disqualified from the fight due to this incident. While White didn't address these rumors directly, he did make a video in which he talked lightly about what happened. He said that his actions made Suede “leak,” and he joked, “That pig poker done put a hole in his head. Yeah, bh a na think y'all gone keep fing with me…you keep wanting to fight outside the ring…you want to fight again huh? I'll change ya motherf**ing mind,” and he imitated the motion of the stabbing and said, “Had him leaking, had him leaking.”

Adding onto what went down recently, White had another tough situation on his plate, dealing with a crew of folks who were claiming to be friends of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. They stepped up to White, making it crystal that they ain't cool with his vibe, and straight up told him to back off from talking about . And guess what, White pulled out his pepper spray again, giving those folks a dose of it. They were just trying to school him about keeping Nipsey's name out of his mouth.

This went down 'cause White's been showing some disrespect towards Nipsey Hussle for a minute now. Even though there's a video floating around that looks like White's saying sorry, he's still clowning on Nipsey Hussle. White's claiming that the apology video ain't legit, and it ain't even new.

To explain where the video came from, White admitted that he actually made the apology video a year ago. He talked about this in a new video posted on Sunday, August 14. He said, “Man, that fake Nipsey Hussle apology is from last year.” He went on, “I made that fake Nipsey Hussle apology when we were in Atlanta,” and he laughed mockingly. He said the same thing again in the video, which he recorded in a car, “That fake Nipsey Hussle apology is from last year.”

In response to Nipsey Hussle's “friends” being maced by the 52-year-old media personality, White once again took to his social media to address the situation and brag about the incident. However, he also threw shade at Sauce Walka, claiming that both Sauce Walka and his crew, TSF, were recently maced by him.

To break it down, Sauce Walka gave his side of the story to explain what went down. He made it crystal clear that the people he was hanging with weren't his crew (TSF). He put it like this: “First and foremost, y'all better leave that n**ga Charleston alone, man. Batman stop the Joker, that n**ga Batman and Joker put together. That's the baddest man on earth. I like him.”

Walka continued saying: “Hey, man, you gotta love Charleston. And I'ma say this too, for every street n**ga and every gangster in the world, bro, if you ever see Charleston White and you actually get into it with man bro, you are a peon. Bro, you are not a real gangster… I will tell y'all like this: I did come in the building with some of my good friends from that were on some peon-ass shit acting like they were friends with Nipsey Hussle. Ain't no n**ga from Rolling 60s knows them and Charles sprayed their ass down and that's what they get.”

And there you have it, Sauce Walka's statement giving his take on what went down. To sum it all up, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for Charleston White. The 52-year-old got that mace ready in case you get too close! So, remember, it's all fun and games until Charleston starts spraying that mace your way. Stay tuned for more spicy updates!

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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