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Chicago Rapper G Herbo Gets Tipsy and Tense in New ’20 Women vs. 1 Rapper’ Episode

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We've got some juicy details from the latest episode of video creator Noluvmar's YouTube series, where 20 women faced off against rapper . The episode turned out to be a laugh riot, especially with G Herbo's hilarious antics while he was clearly in a somewhat inebriated state.

Noluvmar's YouTube channel has been known for hosting various rap artists, including and Luh Tyler, in the past. This time, they brought G Herbo into the mix, and it resulted in some truly memorable moments.

In the first round, things kicked off with G Herbo having to make some quick decisions about the ladies based solely on their appearance. As soon as the first lady entered the scene, G Herbo's tipsy reaction was nothing short of comical. He sounded a bit slurred as he exclaimed, “Yesss, she got a nice smile, yessss.” It was apparent that G Herbo's jovial spirits were at an all-time high.

The second lady, however, didn't receive such a warm response from the rapper. When G Herbo pronounced an uncomfortable “pass,” his unique delivery had everyone in the studio bursting into laughter. It was evident that the rapper's sense of humor was on full display.

Moving on to round two, the tables turned, and it was the ladies who had the power to say yes or no based on their interest in G Herbo. This time, they had the chance to ask the rapper a few questions. G Herbo was all for it, saying, “Yes, let's question me, I f**k with that.”

One of the most amusing moments of the episode was when a visibly nervous lady stepped up to ask a question that G Herbo found to be rather annoying. This led to some hilarious back-and-forth banter and a bit of tension between the two. The lady began by repeatedly asking, “What's up?” to which G Herbo, visibly irked, replied, “You've got to ask me a question, that's what's up.”

As the lady inquired about G Herbo's hometown, Chicago, his annoyance was palpable. He responded, “Chicago, you know where the f**ck I'm from.” To which the lady retorted, “How was I supposed to know that?” G Herbo fired back with, “You know where I come from,” suggesting that she was feigning ignorance. The lady, who seemed increasingly uncomfortable, started giggling and laughing due to the pressure of being in front of the rapper.

It was at this point that G Herbo, who was undoubtedly a bit tipsy by then, suddenly lost his cool. He snapped and said, “How you ain't know, why you here? You ain't look up nothing? Byeeeeeeeeeee.” The tension escalated as the lady responded with, “You get the f*ck offโ€ฆ How the hell am I supposed to know where you're from?” She went further, hitting G Herbo where it hurt, saying, “Ain't nobody know you, you ain't nobody, nobody is going to look you up, n**ga. You light-skinned a** with your hairline so far back.”

This part of the episode was so hilarious that had to step in and escort her off the premises before things got out of hand. It was a wild and unexpected turn of events, showcasing G Herbo's entertaining but unpredictable nature, especially when he's had a few drinks.

If you want to catch all the hilarity and drama that unfolded in this episode, be sure to watch the full show below. It's an absolute must-see for fans of G Herbo and those who enjoy a good laugh.


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Written by: Silvia Tine

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