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Chris Brown Responds To Backlash Over His Featuring On Chloë Bailey’s New Single

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Chloë Bailey, the young singer and member of the duo Chloe x Halle, is facing backlash after featuring Chris Brown in her new single, “How Does It Feel.” The criticism comes from Brown's controversial past, particularly his 2009 domestic violence case involving . The photos of Rihanna's injuries went viral and caused public outrage, leading to a criminal case against Brown.

It was the year 2009 when the world was shocked by the news of 's domestic violence involving his then-girlfriend Rihanna. The couple was heading to the Grammy Awards when they got into an argument, which soon escalated into a physical altercation. The pictures of Rihanna's face and swollen eyes went viral, causing public outrage and condemnation.

Chris Brown was charged with felony assault and making criminal threats, to which he pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service. The incident caused a major uproar in the industry, with many people denouncing Chris Brown's actions and demanding accountability for his behavior.

Since then, Chris Brown has been the subject of ongoing public scrutiny and criticism for his past actions. He has made efforts to redeem himself and move on from his past, but the stigma of his past continues to haunt him. He has faced several legal issues and controversies over the years, with some accusing him of being unrepentant and not taking responsibility for his actions.

After fans saw that had chosen Chris Brown as a featured guest in her new single, “How Does It Feel,” many expressed their disappointment and anger. The backlash was swift, with fans questioning Bailey's decision to work with Brown in light of his past.

In response to the backlash, Brown took to his Instagram account to express his frustration with the ongoing criticism. The R&B singer is tired of hearing the same story and wanted to speak up for himself.

In a series of Instagram stories, Brown wrote, “If y'all still hate me for a mistake I made as a 17-year-old, please kiss my whole entire a**! I'm f*cking 33! I'm so tired of y'all running wit this narrative.” He continued, “You weird a** n*ggs are the same ones that tune in every week to see Blueface and Chrisean beat the f*ck out each other in front the world, but that's ok? It's entertainment? All y'all can suck my d*ck DISRESPECTfully.”

Brown also shared a tweet from Kiely Williams that criticized him and wrote, “Obviously, you are at a point in your life where either you are very broke or broken… THE FACT you think you have to speak negatively about me makes u look so lame… YOUR LIFE AND CAREER MUST SUCK RIGHT NOW.. minding your business WOULD'VE been best…but I guess you don't have a business or a real job that makes u financially stable. I feel more embarrassed for you and your actual maturity…”

He then went on to criticize cancel , writing, “Where are the cancel culture with these white artists that date underage women, beat the f*ck out of their wives, giving women AIDS? Oh. That's right.. THEY ARE YOUR BUDDIES. NO MORE FAKE LOVE FROM ME… STAY OUT MY WAY OR GET RAN OVER. SIMPLE AS THAT! NONE OF YOU, AND I MEAN NONE OF YOU PEOPLE, CAN F*CK WIT ME.”

Chris Brown also shared a list of celebrities who have been accused of domestic violence, including Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Lee, Slash, Charlie Sheen, and Steven Seagal, among others. He then finished by posting another story that reads, “I got time today.”

With fans expressing their disappointment and anger, the situation has put Bailey in a difficult position. Chloë has yet to respond to the backlash, and it remains to be seen how this situation will affect her upcoming album.

In the midst of the controversy, responded to Chris Brown's comments regarding his relationship with Chrisean.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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