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Concerns Grow Over Sexyy Red’s New Lip Gloss Line and Its Impact on Children

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In their recent podcast, hosts O'god and SamAnt delved into a controversial topic that's currently causing a stir in the hip-hop industry. They took a critical look at the rise of the female rapper known as “Sexyy Red.”

, a figure known more for her persona than her lyrical prowess, has been causing quite a stir in the industry. O'god and couldn't help but be sarcastic when discussing her so-called “artistry.” According to them, Sexyy Red has taken the concept of “ratchet” to a whole new level.

The controversy surrounding Sexyy Red centers on rumors circulating on the internet. It's said that she's planning to launch a line of lipsticks or lip glosses inspired by lyrics from one of her songs, “Pound Town.” However, what truly raises eyebrows are the alleged flavor names. These flavors include “C***hie Pink,” “Bootyhole Brown,” “Sex on My Period,” “Gonorrhea,” and “Nut and Yellow Discharge.” These provocative names have ignited a debate about the appropriateness of such products, especially considering her young audience.

“I got a lip gloss line dropping soon, y'all better shop with your girl,” Sexyy Red tells Interview Magazine without offering any further details about the new brand's timeline. “I got all different flavors: C***hie Juice, Bootyhole Brown, C***hie Pink, Sex on My Period, Gonorrhea, Yellow Discharge, and Nut.”

The hosts express their concern about the potential impact of these products on young children. They worry that if Sexyy Red's lip gloss line becomes a reality and is easily accessible to kids, it could open a Pandora's box of questions and curiosity about explicit topics. The hosts argue that this would further contribute to the over-sexualization of children, a topic that's already a subject of debate in society.

Furthermore, O'god and SamAnt emphasize that Sexyy Red's fan base primarily consists of young people. This raises questions about the responsibility of artists and the industry as a whole. They argue that commercializing explicit content through merchandise like lip gloss blurs the line between adult and child-friendly entertainment.

The hosts draw parallels between this controversy and concerns about over-sexualization in media, education, and society in general. They point out that if these products were to find their way onto store shelves frequented by children, it would reinforce negative stereotypes and misconceptions about their .

The conversation takes a serious turn as O'god and SamAnt discuss the potential collateral damage. They argue that this kind of content can lead to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, early pregnancies, and dysfunctional families. They believe that hip-hop, in its current state, is not helping young people build strong foundations for their .

The hosts conclude by addressing the divisive issue of whether Sexyy Red is an industry plant. While they don't delve deep into this topic, they express their doubts about the need for such plants in an industry where many artists are willing to embrace explicit themes for commercial success.

Ultimately, O'god and SamAnt underscore the significance of responsible portrayal within the music industry, especially concerning its influence on young audiences. They call on artists and the industry as a whole to weigh the possible outcomes of their choices and the messages they convey to susceptible minds.

Watch the “Viral News” Podcast by O'god & SamAnt

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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