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Cuban Link’s Message To Fat Joe: “Love Is Stronger Than Hate, Truth Is Stronger Than Lies”

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The South Bronx rapper Cuban Link has responded to N.O.R.E‘s recent comments about him in a recent interview. stated that he would never interview due to his close relationship with Fat Joe. In response, Cuban Link took to his Instagram page to express his thoughts on the matter.

Cuban Link has a long history with and the Terror Squad, a hip-hop collective based in the Bronx, New York. He was a member of the group in the 90s and gained mainstream fame before the death of Big Pun. However, he and Fat Joe eventually went their separate ways.

The rapper's started over a money dispute when Cuban Link was signed to Terror Squad. Cuban Link felt that Fat Joe was stealing money from him, leading to a meeting about Cuban Link leaving the label. The altercation reached a climax when Cuban Link tried to address Fat Joe at Angie Martinez's album release party, but was ignored. The situation between Cuban Link and Fat Joe came to light again when N.O.R.E stated he could never interview Cuban Link due to his relationship with Fat Joe.

A video surfaced of Noreaga saying he would never interview Cuban Link because of his allegiance to Fat Joe.
N.O.R.E stated: “I could never ever even think about interviewing Cuban Link because of my relationship with Fat Joe. It's no disrespect to him. I have no beef, I have no quarrel but I'm with Joe.”

Cuban Link captioned the video: “I told ya 23 years ago this is what FAT JOE has been doing, using others to stop me!!!! but F*CK THEM all!!. Let's show them they can't stop us!!!! Love is stronger than hate, truth is stronger than lies and GOD is stronger than the devil!! clkent. Let goooo!!”

In another Instagram video, Cuban Link spoke about the situation and the history behind his beef with Fat Joe. He claimed that Joe has been using others to stop him for 23 years and that the industry, including DJ Enuff and Funkmaster Flex, never had a problem with him until they were taught how to hate him by Fat Joe.

Cuban Link addresses the situation, he stated: “I've been telling y'all. It's going on behind closed doors for 23 years. Do you see, do you believe me now? Thanks to N.O.R.E for exposing the situation I've been in for 23 years. Once again, you see what kind of enemy I had to deal with all these years.”

Cuban Link back in the day mentioned an that took place in a club in which his face got sliced. He said he was caught off guard and surrounded by a group of people. This was a result of Fat Joe's continued animosity towards him.

It's important to note that the situation between Fat Joe and Cuban Link is not a new one, and there's a long history behind their beef. Cuban Link's response to N.O.R.E's comments sheds light on the matter and gives insight into the rapper's perspective. While Fat Joe and Cuban Link's relationship remains strained, Cuban Link continues to rap and put out .

In conclusion, Cuban Link's response to N.O.R.E's comments highlights the complicated history between Cuban Link and Fat Joe. The situation between the two rappers serves as a reminder of the personal and professional tensions that exist in the music industry.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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