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DC Young Fly’s Call for Love and Support: Uniting in Memory of Ms Jacky Oh at Funeral

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DC Young Fly, the comedian, and actor, bid a heartfelt farewell to his partner, Ms Jacky Oh, at her funeral held on Saturday, June 10th. The solemn ceremony took place at the Jackson Memorial Baptist Church located at 534 Fairburn Road NW in Atlanta.

The news of the funeral was announced by himself through an Instagram post. Describing it as a “celebration of life and viewing,” the post included a touching message: “Love You mama ♥️ we goin up the right way 💪🏾”

As a tribute to Jacky Oh, DC Young Fly shared a heartfelt picture of the two of them on his Instagram. Accompanying the photo was a poignant message expressing his emotions and admiration for the woman he held dear. He described her as the greatest mother he knew, her beautiful soul and unwavering love for their family. DC Young Fly praised her dedication to fostering a bond among their children and expressed their shared faith and reliance on a higher power.

DC Young Fly message: “I wasn't in no rush to post this because I wanted it to be a dream so bad but every hour I'm reminded of realty so I wanna make sure I applaud you in the proper manner. You are the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW your soul was beautiful Yu always wanted the best for others and I admired how our family love each other!!! Never had to worry about our kids loving each other cause you were on top of Dat!!! You kno we GOD fearing and we are grounded by the spirit. We never question the HIGHER POWER. We roll wit the punches and continue to live righteous. Will always tell our kids how much an amazing person you were especially a GREAT MOTHER!!! You know how our last convo went. I prayed for Yu and now we are here.. but it's ok we willll continue to pray and hold on to our FAITH because that's alll we kno!! Love you forever and our kids are super strong they helpin me wit my tranquility no Kap!!!!! U wit me forever ♥️ The QUEEN of my children will always have a spot in my heart and the paradise (Yu gon get me for Dat🥲 but it's true) LOVE YOU FOREVER jus know we going harder than ever and GOD is in control and he got us covered “

DC Young Fly gave a heartfelt speech at the funeral, expressing his deep sadness and difficulty in dealing with the loss. He firmly believed that God doesn't make mistakes and encouraged everyone to stay strong in their faith without questioning the challenges they encounter.

In the midst of their sadness, DC Young Fly asked for prayers and positive vibes for himself and his family. He spoke about the difficulties they were facing but reassured everyone that they would get through them with the help of a higher power.

The actor honored Jacky Oh's beautiful soul and her role as a wonderful mother. He promised to continue her legacy of love and unity. He urged everyone present to find comfort in their faith and reminded them of the strength it brings.

DC Young Fly talked about how Jacky Oh made a big difference in their lives. He shared stories about her and how she was an amazing mother who cared a lot about their children and always encouraged them to love each other and pray. He told everyone to read Genesis and learn from the story of Joseph because it teaches us about being strong and having faith.

In a heartfelt plea, DC Young Fly reminded everyone not to complain, despite the valid reasons they might have to feel overwhelmed. He mentioned the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, especially when faced with life's challenges. He found solace in the happiness of his children, who provided him with the strength to carry on.

As the funeral service concluded, DC Young Fly expressed gratitude to all who had shown their support through messages and posts. He acknowledged the presence of an incredible support system, highlighting the need to keep God as the guiding force in their lives.

The loss of Ms. Jacky Oh has left a void in the lives of her loved ones, but DC Young Fly's heartfelt speech shows the enduring power of love, unity, and faith. As friends, family, and fans gathered to bid their final farewell, they were inspired to find strength in each other and cherish the memories of a remarkable woman whose spirit will forever be with them.

During sad times, DC Young Fly reminds us to cherish life's delicate nature and embrace the love and support that surrounds us as we go through happy and sad moments.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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