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Dispute Over Funeral Expenses For Big Scarr Leads To Accusations Between Family And Gucci Mane

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rapper Big Scarr, who was signed to Gucci Mane‘s label 1017 Records and was also the cousin of Pooh Shiesty, passed away on December 22, 2022, due to an accidental overdose. However, controversy has arisen surrounding the late artist's funeral expenses, with his family, friend, and collaborator Quezz Ruthless publicly accusing Mane of not providing enough financial support for the funeral.

Rapper Quezz claimed snubbed Scarr's family on funeral expenses, which sparked the argument. During a live Instagram session, Quezz stated, “You told them that you would pay for the funeral and then you lied. You didn't have to lie. You didn't have to disappear either. The funeral was going to be paid for either way. You could have just said that you didn't have the money. That's not a way to earn respect.”

According to Quezz, Gucci Mane requested 's 1017 chains back after his death. In his live Instagram session, Quezz stated, “My brother means something to us. You're not getting those chains, bro. You didn't even text to check on the family, but you texted about some chains? You'd better not come to try to get these chains, none of it because I swear to God, you're gonna have a real problem.”

Big Scarr's sister, Alexandra Woods, also took to social media to confirm Quezz's allegations and claim that Gucci Mane failed to fulfill his promise to fund the funeral. She also alleged that the hip-hop mogul demanded Scarr's 1017 chains back after his death.

Woods shared a message on social media along with a photo of herself wearing the 1017 chain.

“Get it back in bloood!!!! My brother earned TS #LLSTANK”

In response to the accusations made by Scarr's family, Gucci Mane's wife, Keysia Ka'Oir, responded by posting proof of payment on her Instagram account. She shared receipts from N.J Ford & Sons totaling $20,000 and stated that the payment was made directly to the funeral home. She also mentioned that they had sent flowers, but received no gratitude in return.

However, Scarr's sister contested Keysia's claims, stating that the $10,000 contribution from Gucci Mane only covered obituaries and flowers, and was not sufficient to cover the full funeral expenses of $60,000. She took to Instagram and said, “That small amount of money is why we said he didn't help. It wasn't enough. My brother's funeral cost a total of $60,000.”

In light of the ongoing controversy surrounding the funeral expenses for Big Scarr, the late rapper's father took to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the situation. During the video, he expressed gratitude towards Gucci Mane and Atlantic Records for their respective contributions of $10,000 towards the funeral. He also emphasized the importance of unity and condemned any drama within the family. While this update may provide some resolution, it is currently unclear if the disagreement between the family and Gucci Mane has been fully resolved.

As of now, Gucci Mane has not released a statement regarding the allegations made by Big Scarr's family concerning the funeral expenses and the 1017 chains. It is currently uncertain how the dispute will be resolved or if Gucci Mane will address the accusations made against him.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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