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Doja Cat Under Fire for Wearing Neo-Nazi Meme Shirt

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Once more, , the well-known pop artist, has stirred up controversy. This time, it's all about what she's wearing—a shirt adorned with a famous Sam Hyde meme. Sam Hyde, the comedian, is infamous for his ties to obscure online groups, and that's what's causing the commotion this time.

The began when Doja Cat posted pictures of herself wearing the Sam Hyde meme shirt on her Instagram account last Friday (Oct.6th). Although she later deleted these images, they had already been captured by internet users and were swiftly circulated. The online community wasted no time in criticizing Doja Cat, accusing her of endorsing Sam Hyde.

If you don't know who Sam Hyde is, he's a comedian who's become pretty famous among internet trolls, especially in chat rooms and forums. Also, there have been accusations that he's linked to neo-Nazi beliefs. There's this one picture of him holding a semiautomatic gun that keeps popping up as a meme, and some far-right folks use it to falsely claim he's connected to mass shootings, spreading fake news.

The comedian and his comedy group have leaned into this meme, making Hyde a polarizing figure on the internet. Given this background, Doja Cat's decision to wear a shirt featuring the meme is perplexing, to say the least. The shirt itself appears to be sold on Hyde's website for $38, adding to the controversy.

This incident is not the first time Doja Cat has faced backlash for her associations with controversial figures. In 2020, old footage surfaced of her participating in a chat room with individuals alleged to have engaged in racist conversations. She denied the allegations at the time but was still criticized for her involvement.

Furthermore, there is the matter of the song “Dindu Nuffin,” released by Doja Cat in the past. The song's title includes a term commonly associated with white supremacists and is deeply offensive to many. It mocks the unjust killings of innocent Black individuals by white racists, sparking outrage and further cementing Doja Cat's connection to controversial themes.

While some may speculate that Doja Cat's recent actions are a calculated move to generate buzz for new or to regain public attention, the controversy surrounding her is undeniable. Artists often employ shocking tactics to grab headlines when they are preparing to release new work, and this could be the case here. Regardless of her motivations, Doja Cat finds herself in the spotlight once again, with public opinion divided on her actions.

All in all, Doja Cat's choice to don a shirt featuring the Sam Hyde meme has stirred up a new round of controversy. Her previous affiliations with online fringe groups and her choice of provocative songs have added fuel to the current uproar. Whether this action was a deliberate strategy or an unintentional misstep, it has once more pushed her into the spotlight, prompting both supporters and critics to question her motives.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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