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Drake Is Fed Up With His Impersonator “Izzy Drake”

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After years of tolerating his impersonator and lookalike, Drake has finally had enough.

The Instagram account from 's lookalike who goes by the name of has been banned from the platform.

Izzy Drake was impersonating the real artist in an attempt to stalk him and make it seem like he was actually Drake.

There is speculation that Drake is behind this ban, as he has had enough of his doppelganger's antics. However, there are no facts supporting this claim at this time.

The rapper's boiling point was when Izzy Drake challenged the Toronto-based artist to a $1 million celebrity boxing match.


The next video shared by DJ Akademiks shows Izzy challenging Drake in a boxing match. He says the following:

“It's your boy Izzy Drake, OVO tings, you already know we outside. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing. August 27th, I'm calling Drake out for a friendly boxing match. If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO you gotta give me a million dollars. If you win, I'll change my name. It's an OVO ting, you already know.”

Recently on the We in Miami podcast, the host questioned if he was genuinely challenging Drake to a boxing match. To which the doppelganger replied:


“Yea, I'm challenging Drake to a boxing match. I just signed with “Celebretie Boxing”, if I win I change my name from Izzy Drake to just Izzy”

The host then questioned what Izzy may expect to gain from a victory.

“If I win I need a million dollars or he has to sign me to OVO because I'm just trying to feed my family”: Izzy replied.


During the “We in Miami podcast,” a recording of was aired, in which he said that Drake had informed him and that he didn't like what the wanna-be had been up to lately.

said: “I give you the reality, I talked to Drake, He does not like it, doesn't feel amused by it, he is annoyed by it. He won't say that publicly because if he says something he gives you life”

“It was cool for a week but at this point, you put yourself up to embarrassment cuz everybody in the industry who knows Drake, knows he doesn't like it”: he continued


Izzy Drake made the rounds on social media in October 2021 when spotted him at a couple of clubs in Miami, Florida, and posted a photo of him standing with the fake Drake on his social media page.

Along with impersonating Drizzy and rocking the instantly recognizable Certified Lover Boy hairdo, he has also been appearing on stage and earning money from it.


In November of 2021, the Drake impersonator appeared on the podcast, claiming to be on tour in Canada.

During the interview, Adam, the host of No Jumper repeated the term “touring” because he couldn't believe what he was hearing.

“Yeah I'm touring, people dm me asking to come to their event because they can't effort to pay the real Drake, he's too expensive”: Izzy replied.


Izzy claims that the Certified Lover Boy artist has recognized him and that someone who is familiar with Drake told him that the impersonation is appropriate.

When asked if he's trying to look like the famous rapper or is trying to capitalize on his fame, the lookalike responded with: “I'm just doing my thing. I'm not trying to be anybody else. This is just who I am, “I didn't ask to become famous.”

Over time, though, people began to get irritated with the young man. Izzy also began to take his part to the extreme. He began covering Drake's on YouTube and acting poorly toward the actual Drake. Additionally, he implied that the Toronto native would copy him.

Many people believe that Drake is behind this ban because he has had it with his doppelganger and his embarrassing behavior on social media.

It is not clear whether or not Drake was behind the Instagram ban but there have been rumors that he had had enough of his doppelganger's antics and wanted him to stop impersonating him.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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